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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox D-19

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So Help Me Girl - Joe Diffie - 1995   (Album - Third Rock From The Sun)

I wrote a few weeks ago that Joe Diffie would be be back in this series and today he is. I think it's sad that history overall has not been as kind to his legacy in some regards.  When I heard JD sing this song for the first time I knew it was a big hit. This went to #2 on the charts, has a real nice video and is simply easy to listen to. Terrific background vocals too on this song.  As much as I love Pickup Man, John Deere Green and many fun Diffie classics, these kind of songs showed you how great he was, and how he was capable of singing about any song you threw at him.  He is a very underrated star of the 1990's and beyond.   The original Mullet Man, Joe Diffie - remarkably versatile, and talented.  I loved hearing him sing a country song.  He is a great example of why we have The Forgotten Jukebox.

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