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WYNN - Sunday Morning Song - A Must Hear!

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Givin' Up On That  - Dalton Dover

SW small Logo This weeks Sunday Song is a slick release that I loved the first time I heard it from a new artist, Dalton Dover. Many new artists go to Nashville with big dreams and talent.  They have dreams of making it big in the music biz, nice goal.  Then there those that go to that same town wanting to be country singer and have a career in country music.  There is a big difference, and the ability to fool fans anymore is becomming more difficult.  The most direct path to the latter is recording country songs, and that's exactly what we have here.  This is a great contemporary country song, sung with today's passion style vocals and arranged country.  It's a modern version of a "hurtin" song and has reached down and touched a lot of people very rapidly, (just look and read the comments under this video when you're playing it.)  This is a powerful song that speaks to many, and that's a great start for anyone.  This is well, well done!

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