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WYNN - LOCAL GOLF - The Quarry

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SW small Logo I was lucky enough to play The Quarry in Canton last week.  What an amazing golf course, set in the hills just a few miles from downtown.  Feels like more than a million miles away though. 

Approach To Number 18

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This course is a gem.  Cut in an old quarry, it is as beautiful as it is challenging. This is very unique golf in the fact it has a ton of terrain, and angulation from fairway to green. Trees, water, sand and just enough of each.  This course is the sheer definition of a northern course. You'll see nothing really like this very many other places.

qu fair

But the real separator of this course is this.  I have played plenty of golf courses "cut into a quarry".  And many of them are almost unplayable and certainly not very enjoyable. But The Quarry has done it right.  They have kept the character of the land, and quarry, but not made it unfair.  This is a thinking mans course.  If you use your head and play it the right way, it can be played well.

qu lake

If you are out there flaying away with a semi-runaway driver and are not disciplined enough to club down, it'll be a long day. But the course is there to play anyway you see fit.  I recommend the smart plays though.  Driver must be very straight if you are leaning on it.   The greens are challenging, but nice, they held great and rolled same. But they too, have some terrain.  If you're looking for flat greens, this is not your day.

I teed it up there with my friend, Joe Wengerd, and we met Jamie Howell along the way, with his wife Michelle. He is one of four owners of The Quarry, and it was great to meet him and talk golf, and talk about the course itself.

Being honest, this is not a course for beginners, but it is a course worth playing. One of best public courses around anywhere in the area.  The prices are fair for a course of this caliber as well.  Fantastic food and facilities, just an all around home run for any golfer. 

The beautiful, well worth playing  - The Quarry!

With Jamie Howell - Part Owner

qu me and j


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