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WYNN - Drive In Day - TODAY!

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SW small Logo The past couple of years have been not as good as we would like for many reasons. And I would like to think that things will get better still as time goes on. Global events meant many changes for us and for many businesses.  But one biz that has seen a real resurgence has been the once almost forgotten Drive In Movie Theater.

At one time there were seemingly thousands across the nation, and they were great fun.  I spent a good deal of my high school and shortly there after at the drive ins!  They were the best place to take a date as I remember.  Also we would go in larger numbers at times, and sit outside of the car. Sometimes we would grill out in the back and put the speakers outside an catch the double feature on warm summer nights.  We would park all of our cool cars in the back take lawn chairs and a huge group of us would have great fun!

There are few things more American than a fun summer night at the Drive In!  And today is National Drive In Movie Day. There are still a bunch around this area, and here is a list of them so you can take your bunch to the drive in!!   (Click On The Link Below)  If you never have, do it!   AND you still get a double feature!

This is the car I used to drive to the Drive In!  Loved that car!   -  1974 Chevelle Malibu Classic!



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