Wednesday, 24 April 2024 02:29

This is kind of funny...

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So, I woke up before my shift here at the station to a massive headache. It hurt to open my eyes even. With as little light as I could manage I got ready, ate a few ibuprofen, and hit the road. 

Now, I'm normally sensitive to bright headlights, but you can only imagine how badly I wanted to avoid seeing them. When it comes to my review mirror, at least, that's no issue; it fell off a while back. Ha!  

I made that funny realization and figured it would be fun to share with you. Maybe there's an underlying message here: clouds can have a silver lining as such and just because something seems unfortunate doesn't mean it's all bad. Things happen and my best advice would be not to fight the current, generally. 

No matter what, there's no looking back in my old 4x4! Let's turn the music up and put the pedal down- till next time, thanks for choosing Your Country! 94.9 WQMX. 


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