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My Top Ten: Tractors!

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Pictured is a Deere that I owned briefly. Pictured is a Deere that I owned briefly.

When it comes to brand loyalty, few products are as polarizing as tractors. Whether it's a farmer pulling a plow through his fields or a groundskeeper mowing a baseball field on a zero-turn, people with tractors are out there making things happen! Regardless of if it's for your backyard or your business, a tractor needs to serve as a dependable workhorse, and all of these following companies make some great ones. With that, here's my top ten types of tractors! 

10. John Deere

9. Yard Machines

8. Craftsman

7. Kubota

6. International Harvester

5. Toro

4. Cub Cadet

3. Massey Furgeson 

2. Wheelhorse

1. Simplicity

It's almost mowing season again, and I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of excited for it. My Simplicity needs a little TLC before its ready to cut grass again, since I've been using it as a "mud mower" off-roading. I'll be mowing my lawn as well as my mother's throughout these upcoming warmer months, so I'm sure my excitement will wear off quickly. 

Anyhow... thanks so much for reading this, and I'd love to know if you have any personal biases towards tractors! Whether you picked them up through your grandpappy or maybe your own experiences, we like what we like and that's totally cool. Oh, and if you're wondering why John Deeres are so high up on my list, it's because of their Right to Repair battles. (That's a topic for another blog, though.) 

Take care! 

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