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My Go-To

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Working the overnights, it's all but necessary for me to have some form of caffeine each shift, and there's hardly anything I prefer more than Monster's Khaotic blend. It's a full flavor "Juice" variant of the drink characterized as Tropical Orange in flavor. For me, it's like a sweet nectar that I must force myself not to slurp down too quickly! It tastes so good, but the flavor it quietly replaced, Khaos, was even better. I miss that and the old Monster Mad Dogs with all my heart. I can't emphasize enough how badly I want those Mad Dogs to come back....

Once or twice a week, I will stop by my local gas station to restock on the Khaotics. I can only carry about four of them at a time to the counter, so that's generally how many I will scoop up while taking advantage of that 2-for-$5 deal you'll commonly find. Unfortunately, I don't think they make multipacks for this variety like they do for other Monsters. Most places I've bought this specific drink from run out of them relatively quickly and are slow to replenish, but somehow this new Marathon I discovered has been reliable. When a store is out of the cans I like best, I gravitate towards Grape NOS if they have them. Otherwise, it's the O.G. black and green cans of Monster. 

I loathe artificial sweeteners and in turn any low calorie, sugar free, low carb, etc. types of energy drinks. It seems as though I'm way in the minority on this however, as there are oodles of options in those categories as opposed to what I call "full-flavor" drinks. As much as I love sweet stuff, I'd rather have water than a diet pop any day of the week. 

Ultimately, I just wanted to give a shoutout to my go-to drink, my nightly friend, Monster Khaotic. If you've never had it but enjoy the original blend of Monster, I'd highly recommend giving it a try! I think it's particularly appealing as a morning time drink with it's orange juice sort-of base flavor. It's a bit more mellow tasting than the original Monsters too and feels less like a battery on your tongue! Whether you drink coffee, energy drinks, or both; let's give a hand for caffeine on this hump day! 

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