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Hogs in the Water

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My "big" catch! My "big" catch!

I love to fish, and yesterday I took my kayak to a little honey hole I know of to try to reach some areas I can't from the shoreline. It was raining a little bit at first, and I hunkered down in my El Camino to wait it out. As soon as it cleared up, I launched the boat and readied my pole. I'm an amatuer fisherman by all accounts but I am pretty sure it's a good time to go out, right after some showers. 

I did a little paddling and tried out this spot I have always had my eye on, to no success. I always see them smacking the top around there, but I suppose they weren't hungry for my nightcrawlers at that particular moment. I took my time around there and threw on an automotive podcast to entertain myself. 

I should mention that the lake I went to is the Nimisila Resovoir, my favorite local fishing place. I'll keep my little spot a secret, but there's hardly a bad place to go there. I've fished there my whole life and have caught some impressive fish over the years, but what always escapes me is a big bass. 

Well, I found out where they are at! After moving to a few spots with no luck, I made my way into a small cove with a bunch of weeds and algae. Looking towards the land, about a yard out from the shoreline I saw something BIG swimming. As I approached, I thought it was a snapping turtle or maybe even snake, but I soon realized there was a large tail pushing side to side. Not only that, but I saw two more of the same nearby and it clicked that I was somewhere special. 

No less than five enormous bass were feeding off the algae and smacking the top all around me. It was quite the spectacle. I was slightly uneasy on that little kayak thinking about what I'd do if I actually caught one, as I figured one of these monsters could just about pull me around the lake if my line didn't snap beforehand. My pole in general was another concern, as it was just my "old reliable" little rod and reel with a relatively weak strength of line. 

Of course I casted towards them, again and again. I've never seen fish so unresponsive to disturbances near them. I guess they were just too big to be concerned with predatory birds or just about anything, as they just kept munching on that murky green stuff. Now that I know where the hogs are at, I can't figure out how to catch 'em. 

Just like Hank Hill, I'm a diehard worm guy, but I think I need to switch it up. On the kayak I tried a lure or two but kept getting snagged, and I gave up quickly. I'm thinking some sort of weedless frog could maybe work. It's been way too long since I have shopped for some new supplies for my tacklebox, and I'd love some suggestions. 

Let's talk fishin' sometime, hit me up on the WQMX studio line! Call or text 330-370-2000 weeknights from midnight to 5am and let me know what's working for you; I'd appreciate some tips and advice. Remember: it's called fishing and not catching for a reason, and there's never a failed day out on the lake if you're soaking up the sunshine and enjoying nature. 

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