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New Music From Justin Moore & Priscilla Block: You, Me, & Whiskey

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New Music From Justin Moore & Priscilla Block: You, Me, & Whiskey Photo Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Justin Moore has released the follow up to his 11th #1 single "With A Woman You Love" and this one is a duet with Priscilla Block! Justin says "You, Me, And Whiskey" is a really cool song and a unique way to tell a story that’s been told before. It’s kind of in the same mold as some of the love songs he's done in the past where it’s not sappy, but it is a little romantic, but it’s still got a bit of a tougher side to it.

About working with Priscilla Block on this song, Justin said, "Priscilla was the first one I thought about because we had just played a show together, and I thought man, she would knock this out of the park, and she did. She did, I knew she would do fantastic, but she exceeded even my expectations, so, I’m really excited about it."

Priscilla added, "I could not be more excited for this song, it’s super, super special to me. I’ve been a fan of Justin forever, and the fact he asked me to be a part of it is just mind-blowing, I’m still freaking out. I cannot wait for everyone to fall in love with it just like I did the first time I heard it."


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