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It's been a wild ride this summer... wet, rainy, hot, cool.  I have heard it is sweltering in Arizona, Texas and the South.  Parker McCollum made light of that the other day.

 This is the truth.  Here in Ohio there hasn't been much of a summer.  I was expecting since school was back in session the scorching days would settle in.  Wednesday is supposed to be a high, A HIGH of 61...  Last week, most of the area was slammed with heavy winds, tons of rain, 3 earthquakes and 13 Tornados that touched down.  Some folks are still without power.  

The Floridians and those that are near The Gulf of Mexico are preparing to get hit by Idalia. 

I was in Corpus Christi, Texas for Katrina, Rita and Ike among others.  Luckily never a direct hit or even more than a low level CAT 3 Hurricane.  Thank goodness!!!  Preparing is not fun, boarding up your home, sandbags and just hope that it misses.

One year, as we prepared for Hurricane Ike our friends called and said come to the bar.  We walked in and the coverage was on every TV in the joint.  And then "this idiot" popped onto the screen...  I am so glad I got to see it live.  

 ***bear suit is not recommended attire for hurricanes***

I feel for those that are readying for Idalia.  Hope everyone is safe. If people are told to leave, the best thing to do is to leave, IF you have a place to go.  Remember after a certain point the rescue workers can not make it out safely.  Thoughts and prayers for those in the prediction cone and areas of landfall and storm surge.  At this point Florida prepare for the worst and hope for the best.   Hurricane Season lasts thru November 30th.  

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