Ben McKee

Ben McKee

Wednesday, 01 February 2023 11:04

Farmer's Only had some very interesting commercials a number of years ago and a jingle you could sing along to.

It always infuriated me that Farmers were were generalized and labeled...  When most farmers are the salt of the earth, genuine good hardworking folk.  I mean, I'm sure you have listened to a country song before... Luke Bryan, Rodney Atkins, Montgomery Gentry and many others have had songs about farms and those that keep them working and thriving.

So I can only imagine what is coming with this next reality dating show.   'Farmer Wants A Wife' on Fox March 8th.

 I do appreciate that with Blake Shelton's Barmageddon and other shows.  Farmers are getting their own niche fame.

So what's on-deck next... the Farm-Dashians, the singing show Farm Voice... Then the talent show America's Got Tractors.   

Yellowstone sparked a more mid-western flaire even that of reality tv I guess.

And speaking of jingles, still trying to get this one about Farmers out of my head.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 14:33

More-gan Wallen

Well when you have a massive album coming out in March...  You can release 3 songs out of the gate.   

Morgan Wallen announced an extensive one today.  The 36 Track album called "One Thing At A Time"  will drop March 3rd.  He didn't really follow the name when he released 3 songs at a time.   I guess it could have been to promote the new tour but that sold out instantly with HARDY, ERNEST, Parker McCollum and Bailey Zimmerman on the bills.  Here are the 3 tracks to hold you over till the new album drops in March. 

Last Night

 Everything I Love

Wrote The Book 

Friday, 27 January 2023 14:28

2 Of My Favorites

Can't wait to see what Saturday Night holds when HARDY takes over the WWE Royal Rumble.  Click Here to see his Promo.


Thursday, 26 January 2023 23:01

Inquiring Minds... or Ears

Today, I received a call from Kim from Massillon on the Cricket Wireless Studioline 330-370-2000.  She asked what I listen to when I'm not on-air?  Truthfully, I listen to 94.9 WQMX all the time... the only times I don't is when I'm catching up on just released music for a meeting, researching the "Throwback Song of The Day" at 3:20...  or when I hear something on a movie or something that I can't place.   
So to answer Kim's question... I will resort to my last songs searched... which could have been super new/old or searched for any number of reasons.  But here goes...

1.  Lainey Wilson - Road Runner (this is fire probably my favorite of Lainey's so far, she is killing it.  I can't wait till the show at The Dusty Armadillo in March!)

2.  Old Dominion - Memory Lane (such an infectious song.)

3.  Confederate Railroad - Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind (Love the story telling, reminds me of my grandpa.)

4.  HARDY - mockingbird & THE CROW (basically the whole album *NSFW*)  Although the Claymation Video reminds me of a messed up California Raisins for this single 'mockingbird & THE CROW*)

5.  Kenny Chesney - Back Where I Come From (takes me back to where I Come From)

6.  Hank Williams Jr. - My Name Is Bocephus (looked this up because someone didn't believe me Bobcat Goldthwait was in the video) 

7. Waylon Jennings - I Ain't Livin Long Like This (it's Waylon...)

8. Montgomery Gentry - Daddy Won't Sell The Farm (they played it at The Dusty one night hadn't heard it in a minute.)

9.  Eric Church - Over When It's Over  (I do listen to a lot of Eric Church and the show at Blossom will rock in June.)

10.  Brothers Osbourne - All Night  (I wanted to dress up like the Black Light Costumes in this one for a Halloween. Didn't pan out.)

Again, I really only listen to WQMX.  These above are somewhat recent or over the past number of years... Thanks for asking Kim!

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 18:11

Wrasslin' Wednesday!

Every Wednesday leading up to WWE's PPV or Premium Event...  I put down what I think will happen.  (there is no science to this it is my opinion as a fan.)

Thank you to those who have reached out either on the Cricket Wireless Studioline 330-370-2000 or my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Royal Rumble is my all time favorite PPV.  Something about the 30 man/woman countdown makes it more awesome.  

I remember Axe being introduced as #1 in '89 and then The Demolition Music started and it was Smash and the tag team against eachother started. 

So we'll see who makes an amazing run and what surprises are in store...   

The WWE Royal Rumble 2023 is special because HARDY has the theme song "Sold Out"!  

On top of one of my favorite artists performing and hopefully wrasslin'... fingers crossed the card is as such:


Men's Royal Rumble -  I would love it, if Shane-O Mac won... I am guessing it will be Seth Rollins or Sami Zayn...  The other possibilities are Cody Rhodes, The Rock, Drew McIntyre or Theory...  The Ultimate Sleeper in this match would be Dominick Mysterio.   Cody Rhodes is the odds on favorite at

Women's Royal Rumble - The women's division is so full of great wrestlers any one could win...  If Alexa Bliss beats Bianca Belair... I think Bianca will win and get a rematch by Wrestlemania.  I am thinking any other situation  will be Rhea Rhipley/Becky Lynch or Liv Morgan.   The sleeper to watch might be Raquel Rodriguez.  I am hoping Rhea and Charlotte renew their rivarlry.  Rhea Rhipley is favored to win at

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for Undisputed WWE Universal Title- Something smells "UCEY" in this one.   I think there might be some backstabbing going on in this one.  There will be ground work for a Sami-Roman Match-Up.  But Roman needs to lose the title at or by Wrestlemania.  The Rock could show up as the real head of the table.

Bianca Belair vs  Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Title.  Bianca Belair retains the Raw Women's Title.  Alexa will probably be effected by the fireflies.  

Bray Wyatt  vs  LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match...  (I am not sure what kind of match this is but seems like it would be in the favor of Bray Wyatt, The Fiend and Uncle Howdy...)   I am going to go with Bray Wyatt but there will be something go on in this one...  Maybe Randy Orton comes back or Nate called in and said Bray Wyatt would be joining the Bloodline?  Again there could be some shenanigans with this match...  

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 19:12

Swing and Miss

The MLB Baseball Hall of Fame strikes again... and that was a whiff!  I can't wait to tell my kid that "Scott Rolen got into Cooperstown"????

So tonight Major League Baseball out of 28 players voted in Scott Rolen to join the Hall of Fame with Fred McGriff in the 2023 Class.  

I can understand, you DO NOT want to give people a free-pass to the games greatest accolade.  

Scott Rolen has 2000+ hits, 1200 RBI's, 1400+ Strike Outs, 300+ Homeruns and batted a life-time .281.

Those are great numbers for Major Leaguer's.  How can you in your right mind Baseball Writer's put in Scott Rolen by only 5 votes?  Fred McGriff was awesome.. "The Crime Dog" should have been in earlier.  

But Scott Rolen... over the likes of Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, A-rod...  even Todd Helton who came up with less than 5% of the vote of getting in to the hall this year... has the same numbers as Rolen just batted a career .316. (better than Rolen but Helton played mostly for the Rockies.)

And DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON ALBERT BELLE!!!  I'll prove my point if you were to choose a player for your team Albert Belle or Scott Rolen?  Yes, Albert.  Scott Rolen in his Prime or Albert Belle in his final season?  I'm taking Albert.  5x All-Star, 5x Siver Slugger Award, Lead the AL in homeruns in '95 and 3x AL RBI Leader (9 straight 100 RBI Seasons)(8 straight seasons of 30 HR and 100 RBI's).   Would you remember Fernando Vina's name other than Albert breaking up a double play..

I think Baseball is doing itself an injustice.   Don't celebrate the players who "used steroids" but don't put in lesser talent.  Celebrate your record holders!  How many parents are going to tell their kids about Scott Rolen?  Nothing against him.  Rolen again was a serviceable player.  I understand the tradition and the Baseball Writers protecting it.  They want their vote to be the end-all-be-all...  If it is truly America's Past Time let the people choose.  At least make a wing of Cooperstown that celebrates some of the biggest names in the game.  Heck, make a bunch of wings... Steroids, Gambling, Drugs and Corked Bats.   Again nothing against Scott Rolen but be better Baseball Writer's...or let someone else do it better.

Monday, 23 January 2023 17:36


HARDY... umm you have probably heard of him...  "His names alot bigger than it used to be". 

You know HARDY the Country-Rocker-Songwriter and many other words and accolades could categorize the one Michael Hardy.

He will be joined by Lainey Wilson to sing a rendition of his smash hit 'Wait In The Truck' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Wednesday Night.  (1/25)

You may be saying; but why isn't he pushing his new rock album 'the mockingbird & THE CROW'? 

I think that will come on the Today Show the 3rd Hour on Thursday Morning. (1/26)

HARDY will also be featured on the WWE's Royal Rumble this Saturday Night as he has the Theme Song to the Event.  

 Congrats to HARDY on the new album.  Listen to his interview with Sarah Kay on WQMX...Click Here!

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 19:02

Church Week Continues

Well, well, well... Eric Church fans have been Creepin since Monday...   Trying to win a pair of lawn tickets to Blossom June 24th from Guys Like Me on Tuesday.  And Homeboy today could have won Eric Church, Ashley McBryde and The Red Clay Strays Lawn Tickets.  Scott and Sarah give you the Eric Church Song Of The Day and the times to win each morning this week at 7:10am.  The Grand Prize Winner will be announced Monday with Scott and Sarah for the Pavilion Upgrade.

I figured might as well have some fun and try my play on Eric's Album Covers on my socials.  Obviously, this is from today and Eric does it better, it's just my homage to The Chief.   Tickets for Blossom Music Center the "Outsider's Revival Tour" go onsale Friday at 10am.


Tuesday, 17 January 2023 22:23

2023 Album Releases

New Music in 2023... the Albums are shaping up like this already.

Hardy will drop "The Mockingbird & The Crow" this Friday (1/20).   Easton Corbin will also drop his album "Let's Do Country Right" this week.

Other albums to keep an ear open for...  Elle King "Come Get Your Wife" (1/27).

(2/10) Ernest "Flower Shops The Album: Two Dozen Roses" & Priscilla Block "Welcome to the Block Party Deluxe Album".

(2/17) Jordan Davis "Bluebird Days" & Nate Smith "Nate Smith" and Craig Campbell "The Lost Files". 

(2/24) Dierks Bentley "Gravel & Gold" & Muscadine Bloodline " Teenage Dixie". 

March will be Luke Combs, Alana Springsteen and plenty more...  

I'm pumped for this list, so far, and that is ONLY into March... But the "plenty more" might be the most intriguing part! With Gabby Barrett, Morgan Wallen, Jelly Roll, Brantley Gilbert and who knows who else will be dropping albums.  Either way 2023 is getting off to a decent start album wise.

Friday, 13 January 2023 11:06

Feel Good Friday!

So every Friday, I figure why not 'Feel Good'!  It's a vibe.  Holiday Valley, New York's Largest Ski Resort is all about feeling good...  It's a perfect match.  Today on WQMX from 3-7pm call or text in your 'Feel Good Friday's' those things that might put a smile on our faces.

It could be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, something fun or you won tickets to from WQMX.  I've had so many off the wall thngs that hopefully have made you smile.   Even baby goats being delivered on Easter, cool proposals, to humble brags, grandparents meeting their grandchild for the first time after Covid,  and old friends returning to Akron and Northeast Ohio.  There is nothing too big or too small.  The fun is sharing, smiling and Feelin Good!  

So join in every Friday... or even call or text them in to 330-370-2000 on Thursday!  (I'll make it work!)  And have a great weekend!  And check out Holiday Valley, New York's Largest Ski Resort!

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