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Daily Scoop for the Week of October 17th

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Today is Friday, October 21st- It IS - Celebration of The Mind DayReptile Awareness DayCaps Locks DayPumpkin Cheesecake Day


Birthdays- Kim Kardashian 36 / Judge Judy 74


Browns -(0-6) play Cincinnati this week on the road.Cubs 8 - Dodgers 4 (Cubs lead series 3-2). Ohio State plays Penn State 8pm on Saturday. 


Tribe fans are thanking Ryan Merritt for his fantastic Game 5 start by buying up his entire wedding registry!


Khloe Kardashian's new denim line for the every woman - called Good American - A pair of jeans costs $159- $215!


Snoopy fired by MetLife after 31 years!

They are inventing a new grass that would make cows not belch so much.


47 year old dude took a food dare and ate a ghost pepper. Burned a hole in is esophagus – spent 23 days in the hospital.


Hyundai Motors found out in a new study- women are far more likely to suffer from road rage than men.


Coffee, pizza and beer are the most Tweeted foods.


Hallmark Channel - They'll start airing new holiday-themed movies on October 28th


Today is Thursday, October 20th- It IS - Get Smart About Credit DayConflict Resolution Day


Tribe wins! American League Champs- headed to the WORLD SERIES on Tuesday at home! Cubs 10 - Dodgers 2 (Series Tied 2-2)


World Champion Cavs – Open at home Tuesday! (TNT is bringing Wiz Khalifa to perform outside of the Q before the Cavs season opener.)


Lady Gaga loves country music especially Garth and says she may record a country song or two.


DWTS hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews apparently despise each other.


During a show this week, Justin Bieber asked fans to stop screaming. He said he feels like he isn't being heard.


Sarah Jessica Parker says Sex and the City 3 is nearby...


'Steal a Base, Steal a Taco' is back again at Taco Bell! Their site has the details


Americans work on average 25% - more than Europeans!


Candy Crush is coming to TV as a game show.


Chapstick has a new Mint Chocolate Chip flavor you can only get online - And once it's gone - it's gone!


This Wednesday only, Krispy Kreme will offer pumpkin spiced glazed donuts


According to a new study, men with happy childhoods have stronger relationships in old age.


Tongue Piercings??The so-called barbell studs, have been proven to be so unsanitary, most parlors are now refusing to do them.


Today is Wednesday, October 19th- It IS - Evaluate Your Life DayInformation Overload DayMedical Assistants Recognition Day


Central Champs Tribe – (lost 5-1) Game 5 today at 4PMDodgers 6 Cubs 0 (Cubs shut out 2 games in a row) - Game 4 tonight.


Gwen Stefani is back for season 12 of the Voice along with Alicia Keys, Blake and Adam.


Jennifer Lopez dumped Casper Smart because he cheated on her.


The National Enquirer and Star magazine have both apologized to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for reporting that the power couple was 

getting divorced.


The fall box office numbers are down 16% from last year- blaming it on the election...


Scientists say tequila is good for your bones. It helps your body absorb calcium!


In America we are now consuming more calories from booze than pop.


Orkin says, Chicago has more rats than any other city in the country.


Women's Health Magazine says the first thing ladies notice about men is their eyes, followed by teeth and hands.


A whopping 21% of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 now actually live with their folks


Tell Us Something Good Tuesday October 18th, 2016 is…Pharmacy Technician Day, No Beard Day, Palo Alto, California 94301 Chocolate Cupcake Day

MLB Playoffs: Tribe at 4:08 pm today-then Dodgers / Cubs Dodgerstonightafter the Tribe Game.

Seems NO one is really watchingSunday night football anymore. Lowest ratings ever

70 % of parents say the world is unkind to their kids

On the Price is Right. ALL THREE contestants spun the 1 dollar on the Giant prize wheel yesterday!!

Randy Travis uses the Country Music Hall of Fame induction to sing publicly for the first time since a 2013 stroke

Garth Brooks new album Gunslinger is going to be released - The album is set to drop onNovember 25th.

About half of all men shave their legs in some fashion new report says. About 25%of women LIKE shaved legs on a man.

University of Florida announced it will be offering 24/7 counseling to students traumatized by Halloween costumes this year.

The most in depth study ever, patties are Americas favorite over links by a 2-1 margin!

The Smithsonian has launched a Kickstatrer compaign to restore Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard Of Oz from 1939. They say it will cost 300K! My question is: who has been wearing them?

Monday October 17th

It’s Boss's Day (or National Boss's Day), Wear Something Gaudy Day, A Tom Brady rookie card just sold for 24K, National Pasta Day

Alan Jackson is 58 today-  This Week –Raise Your Minimum Wage Game $$$

Central Champs Tribe –Game 3 tonight – In Toronto

The USA has banned the Galaxy Note 7 burning phone on all flights

Taylor Swift delivered the 1 millon dollars to 4 charities this weekend, for Lousisana flood victims.

Colin Keapernick finally got on the field to play this season - he and the 49ers got blown out 45-16 by Buffalo

Fast Food sales are way down this year, and the CEO's are blaming the election. People are nervous about the ecomomy – no matter who wins.

Alex Trebek is catching some flack after calling one of his contestants “a loser” during one of those stupid interviews on TV during Jeopardy. It was a woman, and many are not happy.

Allison Krause one of the all time Grammy Award winners, will release her SOLO first album in 17 years!!

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