Tuesday, 01 September 2020 01:45

WYNN - Clev And Cleve - In The End, Didn't Mix

Yesterday the Tribe traded troubled pitcher Mike Clevinger to the San Diego Padres for about 6 prospects.  The trade is another, "wait and see" trade the Tribe is famous for.  Today, it's disappointing, but in two years it may be a great one.  I think we were all hoping for someone to help us right now, but that's not the way they roll.

But what is interesting is this. Is Clevinger the first major league trading casualty of the the pandemic?  Seems so. He violated the team quarantine rules in Chicago, went out, seemingly lied about it, and lost the respect of his team.  He did put them in jeopardy, there is no real question about that, and he had to go as the players didn't want him here.  And now he, and his silly signature surfer stringy locks, will be on the beaches hangin' ten between starts, or secret nights out.

Mike Clevinger has a great all time record at 49-22, and his ERA is terrific.  And he has been one of the best pitchers in the American League, the Major League, The Justice League, heck, any league.  But he proved to not to be in the other players league when he lied, and put himself over the team.  And that is a fatal flaw, even at this high level.  So he's on his way, and I feel this.

He has great stuff and right now is a fine pitcher.  But there are a few things with him I have never been comfortable with.  One, his violent off balance motion, is not conducive for a long term run in the Major Leagues. He does not really field his position well with his follow through.  He is hurt more and more each year, and now his judgment is in question.  I feel that even though he has 49 career wins, I don't think he will win 100 in his career.  The Padres will benefit right now, and he will help them. But in couple years, they may wish the had their prospects back.  But they made the right move here, as bad baseball has been the rule in San Diego for generations.

Even though as a fan, I am sad we didn't get a big player in this deal, I try to remember this. The Tribe has won more games in the American League than any other team since 2013.  There have been playoffs, a World Series, and lots of great baseball.  They got it right with Corey Kluber who pitched his best years with us and is now hurt again in Texas, as he was here much of his last two seasons. And I think they will get it right with Clevinger. 

You can criticize them for many things, and casual fans do, but this is what they do better than anyone. We got Kluber for a song, and Clevinger too, also Carlos Santana, and they have drafted and developed the best pitching staff in the entire major leagues.  And the truth is, the Tribe gets this stuff right almost every time. They may lose out to big money sometimes, but no one does THIS stuff better than us.  Good move, move on.

Go Tribe.

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For the past few months, I have written about some really great local places to eat. In times like these, and anytime really, t is great to support LOCAL EATERIES!  In case you missed some of these, here are some I have written about and maybe you'll find a new favorite!

As always, thanks for reading!

Bobs Hamburg

Barrel lodge And Bar

Blasiole's Pizza

Carle's Bratwurst


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Tuesday, 08 September 2020 01:01

WYNN - ICYMI - Remembering Great Country Bands!

For a few months I've written articles entitled Country Music Memory Lane on Thursdays.  In each one I feature a Country star from years ago.  I wanted to do this for a few reasons.  One -It's fun to look back on what I remember from my seat behind the mic in 41 years so far in Country Radio.  And Two, I think it helps fans find out how we got here, to the best 35 plus year run in Country Music history. At least it is from the numbers side, sales, concert tickets, overall exposure and Country Radio popularity.

All of this didn't happen overnight, it took time.  And for those of you born into the Country boom, maybe you can discover some artists you didn't know and expand your playlists on your phone.  And for those who were there, it's fun to look back and think of songs and stars you haven't thought about in years!

This week, we will chronicle some of the great bands from my Memory Lane articles.  There will be many more, but here are the ones we've talked about so far. We honor their incredible contribution to Country Music.  Thanks for checking these out!

My goal too, is to remember the intangibles that they brought to the format that is outside the music as I remember it, because I think every star does.

And as always, thanks for listening!

The Judds

Southern Pacific

The Desert Rose Band



Restless Heart

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Monday, 31 August 2020 04:45

WYNN - Do You Have This?

Good Morning! 

Real short and sweet today -  Here is today's "Phobia Of The Day"

Do you have this?


That is all, Carry on!

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Friday, 28 August 2020 19:00

Maren Morris Performs 'The Bones'

It's been a while since Maren Morris and her band have pleayed any music together. That changed last night (August 27) when they performed ;The Bones' on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Maren is set to perform at the ACM Awards on Wednesday, September 16th. She is also a nominee for Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year!

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Thursday, 27 August 2020 19:01

Kane Brown on the TODAY Show!

Kane Brown sang his song "Worldwide Beautiful" on the TODAY Show this morning (August 27). He wrote the song to benefit The Boys and Girls Club of America. 

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Friday, 28 August 2020 01:40

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch - (1996) The Nutty Professor with Eddy Murphy  (Worth another watch, since there is very little new to view)


The Nutty Professor - Is getting another remake of the 1963 original (Trailer Below) – no other details yet  (Story)



Ben Affleck - Will return as Batman for The Flash movie.  (Story)


Tenet – Opens This Weekend!


Bill And Ted - Opens this weekend!  

McCauley Culkin - Turns 40 this week!  (Story) 


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (Story- Suzy Bogguss)




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Wednesday, 26 August 2020 19:00

A New EP Is On The Way From Riley Green!

Riley Green took to social media to announce that his new EP If It Wasn't For Trucks will be available on September 11th. The five song EP is a sneak peek of a full-length album that is set for release in 2021. 

Riley was recently named ACM New Male Artist of the Year and will perform at the ACM Awards show on September 16th!

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Runaway June performed their newest single "We Were Rich" during the Grand Ole Opry's Live Broadcast on Saturday (August 22). Watch it below!

Next up for the trio, they are writing for a new album and finishing up a Christmas album!

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Monday, 24 August 2020 19:01

Tim McGraw on The Late Show!

Tim McGraw shared an at home performance of "Hard To Stay Mad At" from his new album Here On Earth on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert...

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