On this day in 2001, Brooks & Dunn's seventh studio album Steers & Stripes debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart! Funny how history repeats itself, although not surprising. The duo just released their Reboot album on April 5th, an album filled with their biggest hits, sung alongside some of country's hottest artists. The album has done very well right out of the gate, another #1 for them on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, their first in a decade and seventh over all! 

Steers & Stripes produced five singles, three of which were #1's, but it was the albums first single "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You" that was the biggest hit. The song spent six weeks at the top of the charts and was also the #1 song for the entire year of 2001. Of course, the song is featured on the Reboot album done as a duet with Brett Young!


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It's no "Rumor", this singer is making his acting debut in the Hallmark Channel movie "Wedding at Graceland", who is he?

Lee Brice!!

The singer filled his fans in on the news in an Instagram post: 

The movie, which will also star Kellie Picker, is the sequel to "Christmas at Graceland". It's not clear what role Lee Brice will take on, but according to Country Living, we'll get to see his debut in June!

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Thursday, 25 April 2019 20:57

Make it rain? Or no??

I offered up what I thought was a pretty interesting "Texter's Choice" on my show Wednesday, April 24th. It was a bit of a personality exposer. The question was this: You have the power to wave a magic wand and all of your co-workers win a million dollars each, but you don't get a dime. (And they don't know you were responsible for their new found fortune.) Do you do it? 57% said "Yes" they would make all of their co-workers rich. 43% said "No"...See ya Monday at work! What would you do?? Don't forget to check out my daily "Texter's Choice" question every afternoon on WQMX at around 3:53pm...and hear the results when I announce them at 4:23pm! And make sure YOU vote everyday with our Studio Text Line (Powered by Discount Outlet) at 330-370-2000.
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A very sweet listener text us the other day that she saved these two beauties and she wanted me to name them because I am always singing the classic Christmas song “Dominick the Donkey” by Lou Monte. To say I was honored, nay flattered is an understatement!!!! Look at these cuties!!!!

They are both males, so meet- Dom and Nick the Donkeys!!!! Seriously listen to the song! It’s everything!

Hey, chingedy ching, hee haw, hee haw
It's Dominick, the donkey
Chingedy ching, hee haw, hee haw
The Italian Christmas donkey
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, laeohda


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Thursday, 25 April 2019 07:36

Website of the Day, 4/25/19


When to Pee During Avengers: Endgame

The movie opens tonight!

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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 4/25/19

Carrie Underwood is looking for you to rap…
Miranda Lambert is leading the MuttMarch…

Carrie Underwood is looking for rappers.
She will choose one lucky fan from each stop on her Cry Pretty 360 tour to join her on stage to rap Ludacris’ part of the song while she sings "The Champion."
To enter, you have to know the entire rap portion of the song and submit a video to her website. 

Miranda Lambert will lead the 2019 MuttMarch during CMA Fest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her MuttNation Foundation. 
Miranda says, “We’re hoping that 1000 or more people, some with their furry friends, will join us walking in support of shelter pet adoption."
The march takes place on June 6th, starting at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

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Thursday, 25 April 2019 06:20

Quote of the Day, 4/25/19


Don't tell someone to get over it. Help them get through it.

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Daily Scoop, 4/25/19

Today is Thursday, April 25th- It IS - Hairstylist’s Appreciation Day, Hug A Plumber Day, Zucchini Bread Day

About 20% of Americans would trust Alexa to babysit their kids!

They say if you want to be in a better mood, you should talk to strangers.

If you make your spouse happy on the regular, you will have a longer life

Dunkin now making lip balm that looks and smells exactly like munchkins!

You can stay in a 28 foot long giant potato in Idaho for $200 a night! 

The average adult spends more time on the toilet than they do exercising. Adults spend an average of three hours and nine minutes on the toilet each week.

New study shows bearded men are more likely to cheat on their partners than non bearded men.

New trend: spray on beards!

Traffic makes us late to work an average of 77 days a year.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 20:47

New Music From LOCASH!

LOCASH have released their next single from their new album Brothers! The album just dropped on March 29th and one of the producers on the album is Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line! What do you think about "One Big Country Song"? 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 19:01

(Sigh...) Just Another Akron Traffic Mess

With all of the road construction around Akron (and more to come...ugh), I noticed a glaring over site when it comes to proper signage when approaching a pretty congested and dangerous area of Akron. I'm talking about Route 8 southbound just before and entering the central interchange. Continuing from Route 8 south to 77 south is easy enough, just stay in the far left lane. You can also continue south onto 77 by staying in the center lane on Route 8 as well. It's taking the exit to 76 eastbound that gets pretty confusing to many drivers. The middle lane on Route 8 essentially “splits” with one lane continuing south to 77 and the other going to 76 east. The problem is, the far right lane that one would take to go 76 westbound is basically a dead lane because the ramp to 76 west is closed and has been for quite some time (and will be for quite some time to come). But too many times I've seen drivers taking that far right lane thinking that that is the correct lane to be in to go to 76 eastbound, and that's just not the case. The sad part is, this hazard would be a pretty easy fix for the city of Akron with a few “right lane ends, merge left” signs approaching this area. And some arrows or block lines painted on the highway indicating the necessary merge would be very helpful too. Instead, the city of Akron apparently thinks it's acceptable for traffic (traveling at highway speeds going around a bend) to merge with about 75 feet of notice that two lanes are jamming into one. I know this is just one instance of MANY traffic shortcomings around the Rubber City, but c'mon Akron, let's get this addressed.
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