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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch - With Sean Connery Passing This Week, This is Worth a View This Weekend - He Won An Oscar For This!


More Connery Watching  - The Rock 1996   


Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (Site)

Box Office  (IN Theaters)  Today - Let Him Go!  


New DVD -Spongebob The Musical


The Most Streamed MovieOf the year so far is - Hamilton  (Story)

The Second Most Streamed Movie Of the year isBorat 2  (Story)


CBS - Says don't worry, all of your holiday favorites will be on their network this holiday Season  (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (link)

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Wednesday, 04 November 2020 19:00

Treat Yourself To These Advent Calendars

You could give these as gifts, but I say, don't forget about YOU this holiday season! Buzzfeed has put together a list of 12 different Advent calendars and you are bound to find one that is just right for you. Or for a friend, of course. From Baby Yoda to wine to cosmetics, click here for the full list! 

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Monday, 02 November 2020 19:00

All The Holiday Movies Coming To Netflix!

Halloween is officially over, November is here and that means the holiday movies are coming to Netflix! Some have already began streaming like Holidate, but there are so many more that will be released throughout this month and in December, including Dolly Parton's Christmas On The Square which begins streaming on November 22! Click here for the full list from the TODAY Show.

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Roni asked me about her favorite as she loved the Bellamy Brothers, and so did I.  They took a very different path to country, that's for sure.  They were, and still are, from very rural Florida (San Antonio area).  Two huge breaks helped launch their incredible career, and they would then take that great fortune and rattle off  (20)  #1 Country Hits and many other terrific top ten's.  They were one of the very big players in the 1980's and early 1990's.  Before we had Brooks And Dunn, we had the Bellamy Brothers.   I am proud to say I played all their hits for many years!

Their First "True" #1 Country Hit!


Howard and David Bellamy at the start formed a band called Jericho.  They met up with young singer, another Floridian named Jim Stafford from Eloise, Florida.  (I've been to Eloise - small)   Stafford and David wrote a silly song called Spiders And Snakes that Stafford took to the top five pop and country in 1974, as it sold over a million copies.  Howard and David took the money they made from that song and moved to Los Angeles to further their budding music career.  Howard became Stafford's road manager, then came the second break, and it was a big one.

Crazy From The Heart - A Really Great Song!


roadie on mega-star Neil Diamond's stage crew wrote a song for Neil to record, but Diamond passed on it saying it wasn't a good fit for him.  The song was then offered to big pop star Johnny Rivers who also passed.  A singer named Gene Cotton recorded it in 1975 as part of an album but it went nowhere. Then Neil Diamond's drummer, Dennis St. John, brought the song to the unknown Bellamy's saying, "This song sounds like you guys."  The Bellamy's loved it, took the song, and with Neil Diamond's band recorded it in 3 takes. The song?  Let Your Love Flow.  It became one of the 100 most played songs, of any kind, of the 20th century.  It's one of biggest country/pop hits of all time and quite frankly, it's a song everyone knows!

Let Your Love Flow  - Not Everyone Records One Of The Biggest Songs Of Any Century


It was number one in the USA and number one in virtually every country at the time that had a music chart. And in most countries it spent several weeks at number one on each chart. It was literally a world wide hit. - These were rare.  After a couple of years they found their way to the Country charts for good. They recorded classics like, Redneck Girl, Do You Love As Good As You Look, Old Hippie, and Kids Of The Baby Boom. (Rolling Stone calls Old Hippie one of the best country songs of all time

Old Hippie - A Much Loved Song, By Fans And Critics 


They were versatile and struck it big with Crazy From The Heart, Sante Fe, When I'm Away From You, and many others.  They were staples on the country charts starting in 1979 then for many years to come. Their sound was extremely country at times and crossover at others.  They could sing fun numbers like Reggae Cowboy, Sugar Daddy, or Dancin' Cowboys, to very powerful ballads like I Need More Of You, and You Ain't Just Whistlin' DixieIn time they took on an Island vibe too. Their list of hit songs is far too long for this writing, so Google them to remember, or to learn and discover some of the best country pop you'll ever hear.  The Bellamy's are one of those that you may know their music, more than you know them.

I Need More Of You - Another #1 


I emceed them many times in my career.  They sounded as great in a bar, as they did in a large theater. One thing I remember is that they were always fun.  Their shows were a great time.  As their chart success slowed down, they didn't, as they still play today.

This Song #1 (Their Sixth) Really Solidified Them On The Country Charts


Yes, they will always be remembered for recording one of the biggest songs of an entire century.  I asked them once backstage if they knew at the time they had recorded a classic. They said laughing, "Hell no, you never, ever know."  Everything about Let Your Love Flow is fantastic. But the thing that really sticks with me from that song is this. I can't imagine that song being sung by any other artist.  It's the definition of making a song your own. Funny, as big of a song as that was, it has not been successfully remade since.  Everyone knows, its been done by the right group, the right way, and that's that. Sometimes the mold gets broken. 

This Song Was GREAT - Later Bellamy's  -  1988 Top 10


The Bellamy Brothers, a gem of a career. Now you know a very cool story.

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August is National Sandwich Month, but I have to admit a good sandwich can't wait, and I ran across this cool article.

So, even though it's the start of November, let's sandwich UP!


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There are thousands of things I love about our Country Format. I have played country music on the radio for over 40 years, and one thing that is constant with us is transition. We've been through lot of it, and seems it transitions more every few years  I wrote an article about it a few weeks ago  (That Ain't Country).

But even though we are nimble, we are still the best, and we have some great new stars that are set to guide us through the next number of years. There will be more of course, but as of this writing here are some of the pillars that show that indeed, even though you can't please all the people all the time, Country is in good hands -  The Big Three

Maren Morris / Kelsea Ballerini / Carly Pearce

These three are really a great example of today's country in both the sound and their appeal.  And even though their overall styles are different, they are all very popular with their very loyal fan bases.  And with their individual syles, they are expanding our appeal outside of our tightly knit format.

Maren Morris

I have been a fan since the beginning. She was on our show a few years ago, Scott And Sarah, and we all loved what we heard.  My Church is a GREAT song, and I loved 80's Mercedes. Morris is more about great music than just country music.  Her songs do well for us and trend to other charts, because they are good, relatable songs.  Morris is one of those rare finds that finds an audience in many corners, and for some reason, no one seems to mind.  She is not pigeonholed into any one format, all while not alienating another.  Her universal appeal is a good thing. She takes us with her to other charts and genres and fan bases, and I think she brings them back to us. Incredible song choices, a very distinct voice and personal stories told through music.  She's a star.

Love This Song!


Kelsea Ballerini

She too was on our show a few years ago, Scott And Sarah, and no one had ever heard of her.  When she sings a country song, I think everyone listens.  She made history in many ways with her early successes from her first big album. All kinds of number one songs.  There is no question that she has been infuenced by pop singers growing up, but she is from Tennessee and her country roots show well too.  She has also had a ton of outside exposure on TV that helps us in many ways.  She is very likable, and much of her music is as well.  She sings directly to her fans in her music, and that's always a good thing.

Fun, Country Song


Carly Pearce

I'm a fan.  When she broke in back in 2017, I liked her first few releases.  Every Little Thing, and Hide The Wine are big favs of mine.  Her most recent success with Lee Brice, I Hope You're Happy Now is a terrific song.  I'm a fan of her voice and of her country roots.  I have overall liked her song choices and how she delivers a song.  I also enjoy that many of her song choices are life based, as it seems she has been to the places she sings about.  Well done! 

Fantastic Song!


There are of course others that are insuring country moves on and remains on top, but these three seemingly, from the women's side are leading a real nice charge.

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Friday, 30 October 2020 19:00

Brothers Osborne on The Tonight Show!

Brothers Osborne were the musical guests last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they sang their latest single "All Night" from their new album 'Skeletons'... 

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Thursday, 29 October 2020 19:00

Sam Hunt On The Tonight Show!

Sam Hunt was the musical guest last night (October 28) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He sang his new single "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's"... 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020 19:00

Kane Brown on The Late Late Show!

Kane Brown stopped by virtually on The Late Late Show With James Corden to talk about his upcoming performance during halftime show at the Dallas vs Washington football game on Thanksgiving in partnership with The Slavation Army. He also sang his new single "Worship You"...

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Friday, 30 October 2020 01:01

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch -  20 years ago today, this was the number one movie (How time flies)           Meet The Parents


One Year Ago - This was the Number One Movie!


Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (Site)

Box Office - Let Him Go! November 5


Hallmark – Christmas movies started over the weekend! (Story)


There Is A Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game (Story)

Christmas Movies - That are really terrible! (Story)

WOW – New article says it was ALMOST George Clooney that starred in the Notebook and Paul Newman would have been in it too! (Story)

Tim Burton - May possibly develop the live-action Addams Family TV series. (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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