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Daily Scoop, 4/19/19

Today is Friday, April 19th, It IS - Eric Church Day, National Hanging Out Day, Good Friday

Jason Momoa shaved his beard off for the first time since 2012!

People are putting Peeps on pizza!

They now make Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows.

Papa John’s rolling out a spicy version of their garlic sauce.

About a third of “Gluten Free Food” has gluten in it.

Your phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than a public toilet.

About 25% of us, save NO money from their paychecks - at all.

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Tonight during Trending Tracks, we featured this bit of country music history for you! It was on this day sixteen years ago that Dierks Bentley made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry singing his debut single "What Was I Thinkin'" from his self titled debut album! This song was also his first #1 single reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in September of 2003. Just two years later in 2005, Dierks was invited by Marty Stuart to join the Grand Ole Opry and he was inducted as a member on October 1st singing "Come A Little Closer" during the cerermony.

Take a look at Dierks' time with the Grand Ole Opry here


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Thursday, 18 April 2019 23:30

All About Easter Eggs...

I offered up a couple more "Easter Themed" Texter's Choice questions on Wednesday, April 17th and Thursday, April 18th...and the results we're not even close to evenly split! Wednesday's question was: Do you still color Easter eggs? Keep in mind, I said this would be a question primarily for those households with children. Overwhelmingly, 79% said YES! Only 21% said they do not. Then Thursday I asked, "Which of these Easter "eggs" would you prefer?" A Cadbury Creme Egg or A Reese's Peanut Butter Egg. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs won in a landslide 82% to just 18% for the Cadbury Eggs. How would YOU answer? Check out my daily "Texter's Choice" question every afternoon on WQMX at around 3:53pm...and hear the results when I announce them at 4:23pm! And make sure YOU vote everyday with our Studio Text Line (Powered by Discount Outlet) at 330-370-2000.
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Get Outside, Akron!

The weather is finally warming up. With that being said, let’s get outside!

I love taking a walk, a run, a jog, a whatever- outside! There is nothing like breathing in the fresh air. The Akron area has so many parks for you to go and enjoy.

Right by the station is Hardesty Park. I have visited this park many times for Pet Expo, Art Expo and other community events, but I never thought to head on over for one of my walk/jogs. In the past year I have been over there numerous times and the park has a wonderful track around the park, a fun playground in the center and a pavilion for parties and more.

I really enjoy the days I can get outside for my exercise and I love that Akron has these parks available to us. From what I see at Hardesty- it is well maintained and I feel safe. So, put on your tennies, and take a walk, jog or run today. It is supposed to be beautiful!

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Website of the Day, 4/18/19


History of the High Five

It's National High Five Day...

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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 4/18/19

Justin Moore to perform on Memorial Day…
Brantley Gilbert is going on tour…

Justin Moore will perform at the 15th Annual National Memorial Day Parade on May 27th in Washington DC. The parade and his performance will air live on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. It will also be broadcast to Americans serving overseas. Justin will also be performing at The Country Fest on Friday, June 21st!

Brantley Gilbert kicks off his Not Like Us tour on June 20th in Cincinnati.
Michael Ray and Lindsay Ell will be his openers on the run. And while his stop at the Country Fest is not technically listed as part of this tour, he will be headlining The Country Fest on Friday, June 21st!

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Thursday, 18 April 2019 06:17

Quote of the Day, 4/18/19


Today is the perfect day to be happy!

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Daily Scoop, 4/18/19

Today is Thursday, April 18th- It IS - Get to Know Your Customers Day, High Five Day, Animal Crackers Day

The Browns Schedule is out, and we have 4 prime time games, including a week 2 Monday Night game!

It appears like the old Motorola Razr is making a comeback. And will feature touch-screen technology - comes out in February.

Adam Levine has a mohawk now. Fans divided...

Vlasic is now making pickle chips.

You can now buy Bob Ross cereal! Like Lucky Charms- features marshmallows including happy trees, happy little accidents, almighty mountains, lovely little brushes and 4 more.

In Nebraska, 33% of weddings have physical altercations!

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 20:59

New Music From Riley Green!

Fresh off of his #1 (debut) single "There Was This Girl", Riley Green has released his next single "In Love By Now"! This is his second single from his upcoming debut album and was co-written by Riley, Rhett Atkins, Marv Green, and Ben Hayslip. You'll hear him sing this one LIVE when he comes to Blossom Music Center with Brad Paisley and Chris Lane on Friday, August 2nd! 

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Monday, 22 April 2019 01:46

WYNN QUOTES - Dogs Find A Way

“Dogs find that one hidden place in our hearts, that alludes virtually everyone, and everything else”


My Dog – Juneau The Husky!   If I watch closely enough, she teaches me much


If you are a dog owner, you understand this as well as you know anything.  Dogs, find a place within us that nothing else can.  It’s uniquely their charge, as dogs themselves are unique.  Our dogs come to us in various ways.  Bought, adopted, found, inherited, and so forth. And they don’t care how they get to you. They only care that they do. 

The key to this is simple.  The genesis of your relationship with your dog makes no difference to your dog.  Your new friendship is predicated on, just being friends.  There is no judgment, or baggage between you.  Granted, in some cases your new dog may have some baggage on his own.  His past could be tough and tumble, or horrible.  But all he wants is to start again, anew, with you.  No other friendship we have, has this as its starting point.

From that moment on your dog has only one goal in mind.  Pleasing you and making you a part of his life.  One thing I think we all have to remember, is that as good of company as our dogs can be for US, we are THEIR best friend.  WE are all THEY have. They look to us daily for everything they need and want.  And dogs give us all they have to give every minute of every day.  They have nothing else to give, besides their loyalty and love, which to them is one of the same.

So if you wonder why you feel the way you do about your dog, and why he is in a place within you that is different and separate from every other being on the planet?  It’s because that’s how you are   –  to him. They find that place, because they want to.

There is much to learn from a dog, that is worth learning

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