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WYNN - Great Grilled Cheese!

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Since we are all eating up a storm these days with the colder weather and after all, it is comfort food season you may be looking for some new recipes.  I love a good sandwich, and even though Grilled Cheeses are amazing sometimes, at least for me they are a bit too much work for a simple sandwich. After all, I just want have a simple snack, and a sammy is quick and easy.

Greatest Grilled Cheese Recipe??

White bread. Sea salt butter on outside. Shredded cheddar. Shredded mozzarella. Shredded asiago. Thin slice of Swiss. Soft cooked bacon. Smoked sea salt.

Toast the bread in a toaster. Slice up some cheddar and put it right on the toast. Splash some Worcestershire sauce over the top, and put it under the grill until the cheese is browned.

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