Tuesday, 28 May 2024 18:29

The Valley of the Sun

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I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I hope if you traveled, you had better luck than I did ;) lol. I took the long weekend and went off to Phoenix for a couple days. I've been to Phoenix one other time - many years ago for Spring Training, shortly after the Indians (now Guardians) moved back out there from Florida.

We had a good amount of trouble with our flight out of Cleveland Friday night, but once we made it to Arizona, it was a great quick stay! Two full days. Spent Saturday at the Odysea Aquarium and the Museum of Illusion. Ten on Sunday, we went to the Phoenix Zoo. Then, on Monday afternoon, it was time to come home.

High temperature was 92 on Saturday, 99 on Sunday and about 101 on Monday. There is truth to the dry heat everyone talks about. It was 99 degrees at the zoo, and as long as you stayed hydrated with water and put sunscreen on...you were fine. The shade does SO MUCH there. Cools it down by 10 degrees INSTANTLY. In the evening, at 80-85 degrees, I wanted my hoodie - it felt kinda cool outside. The difference is the air is so dry there compared to here. If it's 95 here, you instantly start sweating just standing still because it's humid. There, 95 is definitely warm/hot, but you have to be doing something in order to sweat.

Now, it's back to work...I guess.

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