Wednesday, 27 March 2024 18:15

More birthday celebrations today

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We are continuing with the birthday wishes today...only on a local scale this time. 

First, I want to tell you about an amazing woman. She goes to the same gym I do, and I see her there everyday. My Mom and I stopped to talk to her one day and she told us that her son drives her to the gym everyday and she walks 2 miles while she's there. I found out that today was her birthday! She was getting all sorts of attention from others walking the track at the gym today, and that apparently was why. Oh! Did I mention she's also in her mid - 90s?! Yeah, that's right...she is in her mid - 90s and still comes to the gym everyday to walk 2 miles!!!! GOOD FOR HER! I think the rest of us just ran out of excuses didn't we? lol.

Also today I would like to mention my Maternal Grandma. She died back in January 2021, but today was her birthday. It was one I always knew was March 20 - something, but could never remember which day exactly. Today, my Grandma would've turned 99! Happy birthday to her and anyone with a birthday today :)

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