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Daily Scoop, 1/10/24

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Today is Wednesday, January 10th- It IS - Houseplant Appreciation Day, Peculiar People Day, Save The Eagles Day, Cut Your Energy Costs Day, Oysters Rockefeller Day (Baked with Stuff on Top)

A study says that binge watching brings couples closer.

The Stanley Cup is made and shipped from China and only costs about $6 to make and ship

A new study says your reusable water bottles (Stanleys and such) have 40 times more germs than the average toilet seat

Almost half the worlds total population is on Facebook.

You will have about 113 nights a year of ”bad sleep”

New survey says, Ohio is the 4th earliest state to give up on New Year's resolutions - March 8th. Oklahoma is first on February 9th.

Fruit Stripe gum is being retired

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