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Daily Scoop, 1/9/24

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Today is Tuesday, January 9th- It IS - Do Something Nice For Someone Day, Poetry at Work Day, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Apricot Day

A survey finds men lie three times a day while women lie two times a day

New survey says only 30% of us remember our fist kiss

50% of wives regret marrying their husbands, Most cite boredom, lack of date nights, and not making time for them.

Dentists say - If you think you have bad breath, lick the back of your hand, wait ten seconds - smell it

Many Gen Z-ers are bringing their parents to job interviews and it's not going over well.

Hershey’s is teaming up with Snoopy for a brand new foil wrapper for Hershey’s Kisses. There will be 18 new pink and red designs with Snoopy and characters from Peanuts.

Cinnabon is selling pink cinnamon rolls to celebrate the new Mean Girls film- only on Wednesdays, of course

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