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Daily Scoop, 5/25/23

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Today is Thursday, May 25th- It IS – National Wine Day! Chardonnay Day, Towel Day, Bath Bomb Day, Brown Bag-it Day

Tina Turner died yesterday at the age of 83.

You will drink about 3 gallons of wine per year and that's over 1.1 billion total wine gallons per year and rising!

When saving wine - do not re-cork it! Pour it into a mason jar or small, glass container that can be sealed with a lid

A study found that people who go out of their way to get Facebook likes have lower self-esteem.

There are actually "smile educators" offering classes on how to smile without looking awkward in pictures.

Eating processed food can dull your brain power – somehow...

About half of all Gen Zer's say they always feels stressed out and anxious at work

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