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Daily Scoop, 5/26/23

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Friday, May 26th- It IS- Paper Airplane Day, Blueberry Cheesecake Day, Cooler Day, Don't Fret Day, Road Trip Day, Sorry Day, Red Head Day

It’s officially hot dog season. According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, hot dog season begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. 7 billion hot dogs will be eating during the season -- that’s 818 hot dogs consumed every second. 

A survey found that 60% rate their grilling ability as "excellent" or "good."

40% of couples say they never share food!

7% of people dip their pizza in mayonnaise.

4 in 10 adults would give up their late-night TV, late night snacking, smartphone, or online scrolling in exchange for better sleep and reduced stress.

Experts say if you want to keep mosquitoes away, one of the top things you can do is not drink alcohol!

Jana Kramer is engaged to her boyfriend of six-and-a-half months, Allan Russell- he is a football coach in England.

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