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MOVIE REVIEW -Project Almanac

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The new time travel thriller, Project Almanac is out this week to very little fanfare.

Off to a rough start, this is one of those hand held herky jerky filmed movies much like the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, or Paranormal Activity.   I don't know why they are still doing this technique, as I think it limits the field as to who will go.  Many people just don't care for it, me among them.  It was nice at first, but this way of filming doesn't make it more real, or better, it makes it more irritating.


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This is the story of 5 high school kids in Georgia who accidentally discover a schematic for a working time machine in the basement of one of the group.  One of the boys fathers, who has passed away, was a scientific genius and these gifted kids decide to move on to build the time machine, and travel back in time.  Bored already?  And guess what?  They discover that when you go back in time and have contact with others from a time gone by, you alter the present, and the future. Didn't we learn this 30 years ago with Back To The Future?  And we had a few laughs.  Not here.

This is a teen time travel drama that really goes nowhere and really has no point at all. I can't sit here and tell you this is a bad movie, but in the end, it just is a movie.  They try real hard to infuse some originality, but they fail.  They stop about halfway in movie making courage, and make this just wet and limp. The effects are lame, and the story is same.  When you make a movie in February about 5 nice looking high school kids and nobody goes to it? You've got problems.

Trouble is, all of this has been told before in one way shape or form a ton of times.  I have no clue who thought this was a good idea. Don't get e wrong, this is not horrible, but it has no teeth, no originality, and there in nothing new here at all.  And can we just stop with the hand held, Go Pro bouncy filming?  It's old, tired, and flat out a turn off.

Project Almanac.  Snoozer!


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