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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

Box Office Results - The Batman (66 million)

The BTS – Concert in theaters brought in about 7 million

New This Week - (Slow Week)  Umma / The Outfit / X / Cheaper By The Dozen (Disney Plus)

Amazon - Has closed its $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM. Amazon says, more than 4,000 film titles, 17,000 TV episodes, 180 Academy Awards, and 100 Emmy Awards  (Story) 

200K - The Oil can from the Tin Man in the Wizard Of Oz is going on the auction block!  (Story)

Nicolas Cage - Wants to play Egghead in the sequel to The Batman  (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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Tuesday, 15 March 2022 01:14

WYNN - Klaben Does It GREAT Again!

A few weeks ago, Windy's daughter Laney had a very unfortunate thing happen to her new car.  She as a Ford Eco-Sport and during one of our bad snow storms someone hit her parked car while she was at work.  No one hurt except the drivers side.

Took A Pretty Good Shot

car crash 1

She discovered it a number of hours later, She also found out that there WAS a police report and that was good news. So we took our wounded hearts and the wounded car to Klaben Collision Center, part of the Klaben Auto Stores.  What a GREAT job they did in every regard, Car looks great and the service and experience was simply perfect. They kept us up to date on the progress, were honest and handled the entire thing so we didn't have to.

They did the same thing for me a few years ago, when my Escape from Klaben was hit from behind as I was pulling into Country Fest a few years ago.  Very impressive place.

Beautiful - Again!

car finish

If you have an issue like this, consider Klaben's Body Shop. Professional, honest, and kind. And after any accident, that is EXACTLY what you want and need!

VERY proud to have my name next to Klabens!

Thanks Klaben!!

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Jenny asked me recently about her favorite growing up, because in essence they grew up together as they are about the same age, LeAnn Rimes.  This will probably be the only time we honor someone in a "memory lane" article that is not yet 40 years old. Rimes is 39, and that in itself is hard enough to swallow.

Blue - How We All Met LeAnn


She has an interesting story.  She had a memorable appearance on the old TV talent show, Star Search where she made friends with host, the late Ed McMahon.  LAR then became one of those singers that is just a great  - singer.  She has sung every kind of music imaginable and done it well.  She's hard to define for a lot of reasons, but one thing is sure, fans love to hear her.  I absolutely remember the first time I played her first hit, Blue on the radio doing the morning show at WPCV in Lakeland, Florida in 1996.  The phones lit up and everyone wanted to know who that was.  Blue charted fine, but it's a very good example of a song that was way beyond the chart success of its top 10 position, fans loved it, and her. And when they found out she was only 13, they loved it more.  We really hadn't had someone this age since Tanya Tucker.

Her First Number One


When you look back at the country charts, you will see her success was decent.  She did well of course, and there was also a place for her on the pop charts as time went on.  But LAR was far more during that time. She was incredibly blessed with talent and the entire music scene seemed to love her.  She, at a young age was dealing with a lot. You may remember she "divorced" her parents legally as far as her business affairs were concerned and that was a strange situation. She was in big demand and her rise to the top was quick for anyone, let alone someone as young was she was.

Great Song - Top Five


After a short while, her musical direction switched and it was clear her sights were more set on a crossover or pop sound. Even with this, much of her music continued to be played on country radio, as I feel for some reason we didn't seem to mind her new direction as much as others who had tried this.  I think fans were rooting for her because of her age and remarkable talent.  You see, then, successful singers that young were not common like today.  Tanya had great success two decades earlier and it was tried again later with a singer named Kippy Brannon.  Kippy was out in the early 80's at age 14 with a lot of fanfare, even won an ACM, but her long term success was not great.  She's now about 55 years old.

Fantastic Performance Here


But at first, LAR was a big country success story. Blue was a fantastic song and One Way Ticket was a big number one. Her first album, Blue, sold a ridiculous amount of copies, over 6 million. In fact, her albums have always sold a ton, as over the course of her career in various genres, she has sold about 40 million albums. Few sold more music in the 1990's.  She is also a rarity, as her albums routinely charted better than many of her singles.  A sure sign of love, when fans are willing to drive to the store (in those days) and spend money on their favorite.

A Little Different For Her


But LAR was also a big success story outside of the country charts.  She acted, did some TV, and recorded lots of albums that were various types of music, all very successful. She did Christmas albums, tribute albums, patriotic albums, she recorded songs for movie soundtracks like Coyote Ugly which was a huge hit. She has sung National Anthems everywhere and performed in countless venues.  It's very hard to say what kind of music she did best, or that had the most success. She weaved in and out of country, and in the end, you would have to say people liked hearing LAR sing no matter what it was.

A Much Loved Song


No one can argue with her total success, but I have always believed this in my heart.  I saw the reaction to her at her start and this I believe to be true.  If the decision would have been to have LAR dedicate herself strictly to country, stuck by it, and evolved with it she may have been a country star to have success few others have.  I felt there were times she was asked to record songs that she was too young to tackle and that put her believe-ability in question.  But she was loved, and her voice was pure and was a traditional talent.  But things generally work out the way they should I guess, and her career is undeniably great.

Big, Big Song - Coyote Ugly


She brought a lot of very young fans to us at first and I will always be thankful for that. Young fans grow up too and become adult fans, who have kids -  and so on.  LeAnn Rimes can sing anything well, she was blessed with that gene. She broke in as a young girl and competed in an era that was very competitive and held her own.

She Sounds GREAT Singing About Any Song


The amazing LeAnn Rimes.

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Monday, 14 March 2022 01:07

WYNN - BROWNS - Wasted Energy

Last week Browns fans got a dose of reality that many didn't like.  I think most of them saw it coming, but denial is a funny thing.  We, as Browns fans don't like many of our realities, but that's exactly what they are.  Realities.

Seems the Browns DID make a move to get WR Amari Cooper from the Cowboys, and that's great news.  But what is very real about that is, the Cowboys didn't think he was worth his 20 million dollar price tag and we did.  Let's hope for the best there.

You saw that Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz all got new homes or new deals keeping them put.  I wrote a few times here that Rodgers and Wilson were never coming here for 20 reasons, and that proved to be right. We were never even considered I'm sure. Rodgers got about 200 million over 4 years. For the Browns to have gotten him, it would have been that price, plus the price tag of a few vetereans, and an endless array of high draft picks over a number years to get him.  Did you REALLY want to do that?  Plus, do you REALLY think Aaron Rodgers wanted to come here? Leave Lambeau Field and his legacy for here?

For Wilson, I think Seattle got the best end of that.  What?  I feel Wilson DIDN'T want to be there anymore , and that's reason enough for a trade. Seattle got a few really nice players and a ton of high draft picks to reload. Denver now HAS to win it, or it will be a mess, as they have mortgaged the entire future.  It's not like the Browns organization to risk the next decade, and that goes for pretty much any other team. (Think now about cost for Rodgers, if that was Wilson's price)

And Wentz?  - Please... Now there are small rumblings about us getting Deshaun Watson from the Texans. Browns rumored to be preparing a big offer for his services.  Plenty of legal issues there, AND Watson has a no-trade clause and he can veto any place he doesn't want to go. (BTW Wilson has one too, and vetoed two teams before going to Denver.)  We will see if we get the "no thanks" on Cleveland.  My gut feeling is keep an eye on that Darn Mike Tomlin and the Steelers AND the Saints for Watson.

You see, there are only a tiny few of these guys in the NFL, and the truth is many don't want to play here for the same reason they don't want to play in 25 other cities either.  The modern guy want what he wants, and most of the time gets it in sports.  We have to understand that, and many times we don't, and none of us like it.  And much of this has NOTHING to do with the actual Browns.  It's the city, geography, the prestige and the head coach many times.  Being mad about that is energy wasted.

If you don't like Baker Mayfield you are entitled to that, but that to me is wasted energy.  These Browns didn't draft him. Dorsey did, and he's here more than likely one more year. Scream all you want on social media that they should have drafted Josh Allen 5 years ago. You're right, but again energy wasted. And scream that the Bengals got Joe Burrow, and that's just flat out silly.  If the Browns had the first pick that year, they would have drafted him.  Again, wasted energy.

So really take a look around and let's see what's really going on. If Baker is NOT our QB this season, I would be stunned. I mean who else is there?  Teddy Bridgewater? Marcus Mariotta? Jameis Winston? Mitchell Tribisky?  Isn't the idea to get BETTER?  Okay, Derek Carr? Jimmy G, Matt Ryan?  I like Carr, but in 8 years no playoff wins, just fact.  And Jimmy G has a GREAT record, but no one knows if he can lift his throwing arm above his head right now after surgery. Matt Ryan is 38.  

This wasted energy is just like many other aspects our lives. There are a lot of people that spend their time screaming about this or that for this or that sake.  They offer NO solutions, just negativity. It's everywhere, sports, politics, pop culture, and honestly it's fatiguing.  Unless something absolutely stunning happens, Mayfield is our guy next year, and it's a big one for him and the Browns. Honestly, who else is there that you really want? 

This is lining up for Bakers DNA.  He'll be healthy, it's a contract year, a respect year, and he has been told his entire career at every level, he's NOT the guy and always steps up as the guy.  And he knows what's riding on this season.  Play well, get a new deal, play not so well, and it's a new team next year with a very, very uncertain future.  Oh, and by the way he's a bargain in NFL QB terms.

I have no real idea if he's going to be great this year or not.  He was great in 2020, and hurt in 2021.  So this is it. So my feeling is this.  I'm spending my energy on cheering for the Browns and not against Mayfield, or GM's and coaches that aren't here anymore, or that we have not been good much in 20 years, that "same ol Browns" nonsense is the ultimate energy wasted. That horribly contagious karma is exactly what the Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, local sports media and ESPN want from us, and I'm not giving it to them. The Browns have built a nice team that needs to stay healthy, have a GREAT draft and a good off season   -  and they will be right there at seasons end next year.

Consider our realities and consider the idea of energy well spent and not energy wasted.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 01:06

WYNN - The Eat Of The Week!

I know, Chicken is boring.  But this is NOT!

How about some Creamy, French, Mustard Chicken?


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Tuesday, 08 March 2022 21:26

New Music From Jimmie Allen: Down Home

Jimmie Allen shared a little bit of his new single "Down Home" to Instagram last week and just that much was just enough to tell you how moving and beautiful this song is. Jimmie performed it last night for the first time at the ACM Awards, which he also co-hosted. "Down Home" is a tribute to his late father and is the lead single from his upcoming third album. In the song, Jimmie reminiscences, but also tells his father about everything that has been going on with him. 

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Friday, 11 March 2022 01:41

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!~

Box Office Results -  The Batman  -  (128 million)


WOW - Some AMC Theaters are charging 20 to 30 dollars to see The Batman  (Story) 


New This Week - Tyson's Run / Turning Red (Disney Plus)


Top Two - Batman and Spiderman  - top two movie openings in Pandemic Era  (Story) 


Many - Of the Oscar categories will NOT be shown on the broadcast this year – BORING!  (Story) 


Plus The ACM's - Went all streaming this week, no network broadcast  -  (Related Story)


Raymond Lee - Has been cast as the lead in NBC's reboot of Quantum Leap. The series takes place 30 years after the original, which starred Scott Bakula — who may reprise his role.  (Story) 


The Tampa House - Where Edward Scissorhands was filmed was purchased year and a half ago for $230,000 and it's for sale now  - $700,000  (Story)


LOLOL - Rob Schneider has appeared in the most worst-ranked films. Adam Sandler is second.  


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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Many have asked when I would feature Trisha Yearwood.  Well, it's today, and the asking is no surprise to me. In my decades of being on the radio in this format, few artists were instantly as loved as Trisha because of her terrific debut song, She's In Love With The Boy.  Fans loved that song, and her, from the first time they heard it.  I have proudly played her songs since her beginning.

What A Debut Song!  #1


TY had a great chart run in the 1990's and beyond recording one great song after another, and we'll talk about that of course. She sold about 15 million albums, plus a impressive 58 award nominations and 10 wins. But her incredible gift to us was a voice that was clean, pure, respected and sought after. There are few singers anywhere with her versatility.  She's comparable, and is reminiscent of the legendary Linda Ronstadt who could sing everything extraordinarily. You see with Trisha, as with Linda, it's not about number ones, or awards, it's about talent  -  and hers is absolute.

This Song Is Universally Loved  (With Don Henley)


Trisha Yearwood has my unending respect for every reason. First, she respects the song.  She never tries to outshine the song, as she knows the song is the star.  She never over sings any song, from XXX's And OOO's to the National Anthem. She knows exactly where the notes are, finds them, hits them with confidence and power the first time, and moves on the the next note as crisply as anyone can as there is no fumbling around.  She's always chosen songs well suited for her, and from the very first note of the very first song I ever heard her sing, I felt like I was listening to a real grownup.  She's a talent you don't see very often in any format, and she understands something that's a real separator  -  louder is not better - better is better.

Incredible Song - And Performance


She was an employee at the now gone MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Records in Nashville in the late 80's, and eventually became a very successful backup and demo singer.  She sang on Garth's, No Fences album  - and all of this led to her own deal and hitting the road as the opening act for Garth on his tour in 1991. That year her first album came out, and sold a few million and had great success on the chart and the radio.

My Favorite Trisha Song!  #1  


Over the next 20 years or so she not only recorded a ton of albums which are all great, she immersed herself in literally countless albums and projects with so many artists it's hard to keep up. Many from country, and many not, as her skill, talent and versatility made her one of the most pursued singers in the world.  Chances are, if you name someone famous from the music world, she has sung with them. I mean, who would not want to sing with Trisha Yearwood?

Flat Out GREAT Song  #1


Yearwood was on the TV show, JAG, plus she has her own TV cooking show, and has a long history of philanthropy anyone would be proud of.  Because of her immense talent and appeal, she is an international star, with followings in many countries as she has traveled singing with everyone in about every major venue.  And of course, you know she has been Garth's wife since 2005, and routinely tours with him.

From The Movie Con Air  - Theme  #2


I have seen Yearwood many times, the last was in the Theater District in Cleveland a couple years ago, and she was amazing. Her voice and show still very compelling and hearing her in one of those acoustically perfect theaters was a real treat. I have interviewed her many times, always a total pro, and has a lot of great things to say and says them well while really engaging with you.  In short, she is a pleasure to work with.  When you see her backstage and talk, even for a short while, she leaves you with the feeling that's someone you want to know.

I Love Everything About This Song  #1


I feel the 1990's was the best decade overall in country history, and an incredible decade for women in country.  Women possessing enviable and undeniable talent and success. Of course Shania with her run.  The passionate voice of Pam Tillis, the perfect pitch, angelic sounding Suzi Bogguss, the amazing Reba, and the straight forward country of Terri Clark.  The energy of Jo DEE Messina, the gifted Faith Hill, the soaring voices of Lee Ann Womack, Martina McBride and LeAnn Rimes too. Kathy Mattea, Mary Chapin Carpenter,  Deanna Carter, The Dixie Chicks, Patty Loveless and Wynonna among others. And Trisha Yearwood was right there with them, making country great. All of them with a long line of hit songs, amazing sales and huge popularity. A truly amazing decade.

With Garth  #2


Trisha Yearwood is a great country singer that is also blessed with an extreme sense of real. I believe every word she sings, and that to me is the mark of a great singer, and it's darn rare.  She brought us much respect in and out of country, and delivered a lot of new fans to our door, especially younger fans early on.  She had a way about her in image that was disarming and approachable that we loved.  She was kind of just like us - only with a beautiful singing voice the rest of us could only imagine having.


With Garth And Trisha Backstage

garth and trisha

Trisha Yearwood is a rare breed of singers. Yeah, those are my words, but ask about every major singing star on earth who's sung with her and they'll say the exact same thing.

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The Beautiful Windy and I took a very nice vacation to Wine Country last week in California.  This year we each are celebrating landmark birthdays, so we really wanted to do something special for ourselves. 

After a few days of serious wine tasting and cheese eating in Sonoma, we went into San Francisco for a couple days and had a blast too.  We took a bike tour of San Fran, and we went to Alcatraz.  What a cool thing to to.  What a history it has, and I recommend if you are ever there, go see Alcatraz.  It's not to be missed!

An fantastic experience for sure - learned a whole lot and has me wanting to learn more.

Alcatraz Information

Plus - We rode E-Bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge Information


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Last night the ACM'S did their entire award show on Amazon Prime Video only.  This was the first time they did this, as the steaming towards streaming of Award Shows officially picked up speed. 

For many years, both the CMA'S and the ACM'S have been big-time ratings winners for the broadcast networks.  And for the networks, a big pay day as commercials filled the show.  But over time, people's habits, fans attention spans, and the streaming service boom has painted a very different color on the TV viewing canvas.  For me, I feel ALL award shows are a perfect match for streaming services and I feel in time, they ALL will be there.  Even the Oscars. 

Although I can't decide if the Oscars will be the next to do it, or the last one kicking and screaming into the night to do so. They used to be such a huge ratings winner, but not so much anymore.  So much so, they are cutting the airing of many award winners this year on the network.  People are bored easily now and the best costumer, and makeup artist speaking on TV, just isn't compelling anymore - in fact, never really was.  Plus, many are fatigued on Hollywood types opinions and rambings in general.

Award shows of all kinds and their fans are the ones that would benefit the most from a simple streaming event.  They can go as long as they want, they can say and do as they please, and they will know that virtually all that are watching are real fans and have something vested in their show.  There would not be an angry contingent at 11:10 PM waiting for their favorite local newscasters and weatherperson to tell them to "Pack their umbrella as it might be a soggy one in the morning,"  when they run long.

Also, I feel the streaming audience is far more tolerant of content than regular TV watchers.  More than likely far fewer would be offended by various long winded, non-show related political rants by award winners choosing to say those things as they win the biggest award, in the biggest moment of their professional life. (Although this is NOT a problem on the Country Award shows)  Song lyrics and crude content of any kind, bad language as well, and the outfits many wear would also be in the clear. Again, not an issue on the Country shows.

It is a new day for much of actual TV watching, and the ACM'S are the early rays through the trees of this fresh dawn.  We will see if this is a model that many others will follow.  I see this as yet another small nail in the giant coffin of traditional network TV.  Because of streaming, cable and various broadcast laws and restrictions, they overall have nothing new to offer contemporary media consumers, from their prime time programming and especially their news divisions.  (Does anyone really wait till 630 for the network news anymore?)  They are the dinosaurs looking up at the speeding meteor.

BUT as much as anything the long term success of any award show, streaming or being broadcast on a network will be the MONEY.   I know that sounds cynical, but sadly, it's almost always true.  When looking for the correct answer to pretty much anything, just follow the money.  If this is financially viable to the various organizations, look for more of it.  Because the format is right for it.

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