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5 Names You Should Avoid When Naming Your Child...

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Ryan Lang and his girl Megan are expecting a baby boy is just a few weeks, so we are looking to help him in any way we can. I ran across this list about the names to avoid when naming your child, so I had to share. I am still pulling for Gary Lang!!!! So, here we go:

5 Names You Should Avoid When Naming Your Child (According to BabyCenter)

An Ex-Lovers Name - Ummm, do you really want your kid to remind you of your ex love??!!

A Trendy Name - Avoid the trend in pop culture, because it may be make much sense as the kid grows up.

Confusing Names - A lifetime of explanations, spelling, corrections and they will never find their name on those coffee mugs or license plate key chains!

The Inevitible Knickname - You do not want your child to go through life with initials like S.A.D, L.S.D, P.I.G, or even R.A.T. Do not let them be that kid!

Questionable Meaning- Avoid ones with an exotic meaning or from a different culture- so they say.

(The baby in the picture, her name is Ella and she is PERFECT xoxo)

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