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Daily Scoop, Week of 8/14/17

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Today is Friday, August 18th- It IS - Chris Stapleton Day, Serendipity Day, National Fajita Day

Tom Cruise has a broken ankle from his stunt accident on the set of MI:6 this week.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are maybe getting back together!!

There is a stand alone Obe-Wan Kenobi movie in the works.

Now HBO's twitter account got hacked!

Monday’s eclipse is more than likely going to cost $694 million in lost work productivity.

The Oakland Raiders are getting more bets placed on them in Vegas to win this years Super Bowl.

Avocado prices are going to skyrocket due to weather issues in California.

Word is there is a pill in the works that will cure a peanut allergy for 4 years!!

New word- “Thungry” - Being thirsty and hungry at the same time!

New product- Pickle flavored Dental Floss?

Women are more likely to let pets sleep in bed with them than men are.


Today is Thursday, August 17th- It IS - Tim and Faith Day, I Love My Feet Day, National Nonprofit Day, Vanilla Custard Day

Steel Vengeance coaster to open at Cedar Point in May. It breaks 6 world records for coasters of it's kind. Tallest, fastest and longest wood-steel hybrid!

Emma Stone is now the world’s highest paid actress. $26 million.

Slyvester Stallone to film Escape Plan 3 at Ohio State Reformatory this September!

Bonnie Tyler will sing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” during the actual eclipse on Monday!

HBO Spain aired Game of Thrones episode 6 ahead of schedule.

Dunkin Donuts has pumpkin cream cheese!!!

Barbie now has a dog that goes #2 and comes with a pooper scooper!

Word is this winter may be colder and snowier than normal. 

The number one drink to order on a first date to ensure a second date is a Bloody Mary. The number one food- fried chicken…

Going to bed angry is bad for your heart.


Today is Wednesday, August 16th- It IS - Roller Coaster Day, National Bratwurst Day, National Tell A Joke Day

Happy Birthday to Madonna 59!

Just to set the record straight, the Brad and Angelina divorce is STILL ON. There is no reconciliation.

Chik-fil-A is now serving breakfast bowls with chicken nuggets in them…

Taco Bell has made a taco shell out of a fried egg and it is called the Naked Egg Taco.

Dating experts say it's appropriate to start saying “I love you” on the 10th date…

If you are consistently not getting enough sleep, your brain starts EATING ITSELF!

It has been found out that older siblings are worse drivers than younger siblings.

Parents say that the most stressful thing about kids going back to school is packing lunches every day!

If your cholesterol is in bad shape, try eating almonds, seems it helps lower it.

The best state to retire in? Florida! (Wyoming #2) The worst? Rhode Island .. (Ohio #25)

Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini host CMA Fest 2017 tonight on ABC.


Today is Tuesday, August 15th- It IS - Best Friends Day, National Relaxation Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Taylor Swift won her counter suit, the DJ has to pay her $1. His suit was thrown out.

It appears, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating again!

Tom Cruise was injured while doing a stunt filming Mission Impossible 6. 

Brooke Shields will join the cast of Law and Order: SVU for the 19th season in a recurring role.

Hackers have released new episodes of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Krispy Kreme is doing an eclipse themed donut...their classic glazed is going chocolate.

Taco Bell is testing the Firecracker Burrito in some markets. It features spicy cayenne-flavored Pop Rocks! 

Due to low numbers, Applebees and IHOP will close 100 stores.

Women like the scent of men who eat fruits and veggies.

Lilac will be the hot color as temperatures get cooler.

You should leave smiley face emojis out of work emails. It can actually make your co-workers see you as less competent.

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