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Daily Scoop, 4/24/24

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Today is Wednesday, April 24th- It IS- Administrative Professionals Day, Guide Dog Day, Scream Day, Denim Day, New Kids on the Block Day, Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

According to a study, the happiest couples sleep less than an inch apart.

Women read and study a restaurant menu 45% longer than men.

They asked - and seniors say that quote”old age” now begins at 75 not 65

About 2 in 3 Millenials and Gen Z-ers says prefer alcohol free dates.

American IQ's have dropped for the fist time in decades and many feel it's because of what is NOT being taught in schools

A study shows that attractive women inspire men to tell the truth more often

This year's summer must-have fashion trend is the brown bathing suit.

If your primary doctor is a woman, data says that you will more than likely live longer

8% of people say they can't remember their first concert

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