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Daily Scoop, 2/9/24

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Today is February 9th- It IS- Pizza Day, Cut the Cord Day, Chocolate Day, Bagels And Lox Day

The Browns won 4 awards last night at the NFL Honors – Stefanski Coach OY / Myles Garrett DPOY / Jim Schwartz ACOY / and Joe Flacco Comeback Player of the Year

Madden NFL 24's official simulation says Chiefs win 30-28

Men will spend almost twice as much as women, on average, for Valentine’s Day this year

One third of people believe their best ideas come being in bed. 10 percent think their best ideas happen at work

According to a new poll, 20% of Americans said they would actually cut their salary in half if it meant always having a clean bathroom at home. 25% said they would give up dining out or getting takeout, 23% said they would give up their favorite show, and 22% would give up one year's worth of internet access.

Claussen Pickle Flavor Jelly Beans are here for Easter!

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