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Daily Scoop, 1/30/24

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Today is Tuesday, January 30th- It IS- Anesthesiologists Week, Yodel for Your Neighbors Day, Plan For A Vacation Day, Draw A Dinosaur Day, Croissant Day

Ohio is ranked as the 8th BEST state to be single in – survey for Valentine's Day!

About 5% of Americans have not taken Christmas decorations down yet.

You take about 6 showers a week if you are average – Average time is 8.2 minutes – using 17.2 gallons of water

A single woman changes her bed sheets every two-and-a-half weeks, while a single man does it once every three months

A survey found that 85% of workers admit they are considering switching jobs this year, which is up 27% from last year.

New Rainbow Brownie Hershey's Kisses and New Pink Lemonade Kit Kats are both coming soon

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