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Daily Scoop, 1/5/24

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Today is Friday, January 5th- It IS - Bird Day, Whipped Cream Day

This Sunday, January 7th, is the busiest day of the year for dating apps. “Dating Sunday.”

Davids are the biggest complainers online. Other big complainers - Pauls and Johns. Sarahs are by far the biggest female critics. Karens are nowhere in the top 25.

Perfect excuse- "Sorry, I can't. I'm broke." - gets you out of promises - newest thing

There are still over 800,000 pagers being used in the US. 

Sweethearts has a limited-edition Situationship Boxes — hearts with blurry misprint or what they're calling "sweet literal mixed messages" that capture what singles deal with today. You can buy them starting MONDAY!

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