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Daily Scoop, 10/6/23

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Today is Friday, October 6th- It IS- National Coaches Day. Garlic Lovers Day, Denim Day, Noodle Day, Lager Day

The most popular costumes in Ohio this Halloween are Vampire and Wednesday Addams. Barbie most popular in America.

Mom and Dad- you “cave in” to your kids demands 218 times a year.

A new survey found that Americans find air travel more stressful than sitting in the dentist's chair or filing taxes. 55% said that flying is the leading cause of stress in their lives

60% of those 25-44 asked say they do NOT consider themselves grown up, and are clinging to things of their youth

Prada is now designing spacesuits. 

15% of us prefer leftover pizza to be served cold. 

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