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Daily Scoop, 12/6/22

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Today is Tuesday, December 6th- It IS -St Nicholas Day, Microwave Day

Kirstie Alley died at the age of 71 after a battle with cancer.

A study found that if you read something aloud rather than silently, you’re more likely to remember it.

Gotta give a gift to someone you don’t like? A survey found the best gift for that person is a donation in their name. That way the person gets nothing, a charity gets the money

You can now buy a Franzia 5-foot-tall inflatable boxed wine lawn ornament for the holiday season!

Pantone predicts that Viva Magenta will be 2023's Color of the Year.

A retiree in Texas decided to stay at Holiday Inn since it is cheaper than a senior home. 

About 40% of flyers admit they never put their cell phones or devices in airplane mode!

37 percent of the world’s population, 2.9 billion people, have never used the Internet.

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