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Daily Scoop, 6/27/22

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Today is Monday, June 27th- It IS -  Ice Cream Cake Day, Sunglasses Day, Onion Day

5% of people say they don't care what others say, they think it is fine to pee in a pool.

You can buy an inflatable pool to fit in the back of your truck!!

Your Alexa has a new update that will let you use the voice of a family member and not that voice they use now

You will soon be able to get Krisy Kreme Soft Serve ice cream, Testing it out in some cities now

Chicken is the thing we love to grill the most this summer.

8% of couples argue every day and 3% of couples never do.

Scientists have found that simply “feeling young” in old age can help people recover from injuries and illnesses more quickly.

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