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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 12/22/22

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Kenny Chesney splurges at the holidays...
Jimmie Allen can be a grinch...

Kenny Chesney keeps up with a strict clean eating program for most of the year, especially at tour time. But when the holidays roll around, all bets are off.
He says, "I'm really tired of salmon and chicken. So I eat a lot of stuff that I wouldn't be able to eat just anything fattening. I love it."
Kenny says he especially likes to eat fried foods during the holiday season. 

Jimmie Allen loves this time of year, but something that gets him a little grinchy is when he sees cars with reindeer antlers. He says he wishes it would just stop.

You can see Jimmie next weekend as he has joined the lineup for Nashville's New Year's Eve Bash.

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