Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 04:33

Quote of the Day, 5/29/24

Brought to you by Acme Fresh Market

What you allow to consume your mind controls your life. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 04:32

Sadie's Back!

Sadie is visiting for the week, or as I like to say, she is on vacation at our house!

She is such a good girl!

We love dog sitting. Her. Just her haha!

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 06:16

Daily Scoop, 5/28/24

Today is Tuesday, May 28th- It IS - Hamburger Day, Brisket Day, Grape Popsicle Day, Women's Golf Day

Seems there is now good stress and bad stress – good stress, falling in love, sports cheering, bad stress – work, traffic.

One of the biggest fears of being a little kid is - opening canned biscuits.

More than half of women admit they reveal intimate sexual and other secrets to their hairstylist that they wouldn’t dare share with anyone else.

The number one most stressful thing in our lives is – MOVING! Ahead of job loss, or emergency plane landing

Two Bad 6s- Six hours sleep and 6 coffees a day - six or more coffees a day can be extremely detrimental to an individual’s health, causing higher blood pressure and increasing vulnerability to disease. Same with 6 hours sleep

90% of this year's incoming college freshmen have never used a typewriter.

Frosted Chocolate Cake Cereal is coming soon from Post. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 04:40

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 5/28/24

Congratulations go out to Bailey Zimmerman who is celebrating his newest number-one on the Mediabase country singles chart, "Where It Ends." All four of his official singles have topped the charts so far.

Dolly Parton just isn't slowing down, she is coming with a new album this time- Dolly Parton and Family: Smoky Mountain DNA - Family Faith and Fables. 
On November 15th, Dolly will drop a collection of music that shines a spotlight on both her father's side of her family, the Partons, and her mother's side, the Owens. The songs on the album will be performed by various members of Dolly's immediate and extended family.

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 04:39

Quote of the Day, 5/28/24

Brought to you by Acme Fresh Market

When life throws you a burger, you eat it!

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 04:38

The Armadillo!

Sunday Fundays are officially underway at the Dusty and came in hot with my head gear. Actually, I can to play in what I think could be my best head gear to date- a foam armadillo!

Yesssss! See you on Sunday!

Friday, 24 May 2024 06:17

Daily Scoop, 5/24/24

Today is Friday, May 24th- It IS - Road Trip Day, Brother’s Day, Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Escargot Day, Cooler Day, Asparagus Day

You eat about two pounds of asparagus per year, which is one of the least popular vegetables in the country.

They say you tell the most lies between 8 and 11 am

The most frequently told lie in the office is that he or she is in a meeting

The average person gets about 17 bug bites a year.

Movie theater seats routinely contain bacteria that can lead to large intestinal problems, staph, fungus and organisms that cause skin infections.

Our friends - The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council says that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will eat about 7 billion hot dogs - or about 818 hot dogs per second.

52% of us plan on grilling or bbq-ing this weekend, one of the biggest weekends of the year

These are the rudest days of the year to get married - Memorial Day (borderline rude), Labor Day (pretty rude), July 4th Weekend (super rude), Thanksgiving (almost rudest), and Christmas (absolute rudest).
Fifty-five percent of Americans think that they are smarter than the average American

New Funyuns Minis are coming soon- in a poppable can

Friday, 24 May 2024 06:06

Website of the Day, 5/24/24

SMB T-shirt Ticket Stops start TOMORROW!

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