Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Friday, 11 June 2021 06:15

Daily Scoop, 6/11/21

Today is Friday, June 11th- It IS - Corn on the Cob Day, German Chocolate Cake Day

Looks like College Football will have a 12 team playoff system starting in 2023.

Chipotle is raising menu prices by 4%.

You can get the new Kit Kat Fruity Cereal Bars flavor this month as it tastes like the milk at the bottom of your bowl

The Farrelly Brothers are making a sequel to Kingpin.

A new study show that Grandma and Grandpa like texting and emoji-ing better than phone calls.

70% of us are currently in the middle of a “bathroom war” with their significant other.

#1 killer move in a job interview in 2021 is answering any notification on your phone

Friday, 11 June 2021 05:32

Back in the Gym!

I will fully admit that I had more bad days than good days when it came to sticking to the straight and narrow during the shutdown. I joke that I was just supporting local businesses. The truth- I ate a lot of carbs.

Now, I am being really truthful with myself. It is time to get back on the wagon. I am eating better and yesterday I went back to Forever Fitness 24. I love the gym, the people and it felt amazing to get back to it!

The gym is huge, clean and I felt safe! It was time- it is time! One day at time, one meal at a time! Yay!

Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:51

Local Business of the Day, 6/10/21

Brought to you by Falls Motor City, Where the Deal is For Real!

Eye Opener

Great breakfast food!

Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:16

Website of the Day, 6/10/21

How to Make Sun Tea

Happy Iced Tea Day!

Thursday, 10 June 2021 06:30

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 6/10/21

Brett Young is now an author…
Old Dominion is getting boozed up to drink…

Brett Young announced that he'll put out the children's book Love You, Little Lady on August 24th. He will be at the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre on September 23rd.  

If Old Dominion's new song "I Was on a Boat That Day," sounds like a party, it’s because it was. Lead singer Matt Ramsey explained recently that when the band recorded it they needed to sound a bit intoxicated, so they drank tequila.
Old Dominion will be at The Country Fest on Friday, June 18th!

Thursday, 10 June 2021 06:20

Quote of the Day, 6/10/21

Brought to you by Acme Fresh Market 

Honesty is refreshing.

Thursday, 10 June 2021 06:18

Daily Scoop, 6/10/21

Today is Thursday, June 10th- It IS -Ball Point Pen Day, National Egg Roll Day, Iced Tea Day (Each day, over 159 million Americans drink iced tea)

Akron is the 5th worst city for getting and staying married! Cleveland is 6th (Des Moines is the worst) (The best Freemont California)

According to research, peeing in the shower will save you money, is better for the environment, is more hygienic, and is cleaner.

Faygo's new Firework pop flavor tastes exactly like a Bomb Pop. 

The average person will consume nearly 70,000 snacks in their lifetime.

Women said these are the worst summer looks for men: socks and sandals the bro tank/tank top, Speedos, cargo shorts, and tropical shirts

Guys said are turn-offs: High-waisted shorts and pants, heels with a bathing suit , bad fake tan, saggy bathing suit , and Crocs.

Thursday, 10 June 2021 05:27

Dog-Sitters For Life!

The Warren and I are borderline professional dog-sitters. It is what we do! First, my bestie's Katie's puppy Tito, now his best friend's dog Sadie. She is such a sweetheart. She is with us for two weeks and we are having so much fun with her.

So, I know what you are thinking. Will we get our own dog? Maybe! Who knows? We really love being the cool dog aunt and uncle. Weird, we know!

Wednesday, 09 June 2021 07:49

Local Business of the Day, 6/9/21

Brought to you by Falls Motor City, Where the Deal is For Real!

Acme Fresh Market

Get strawberry-rhubarb pie and rose' there! 

Wednesday, 09 June 2021 07:39

Website of the Day, 6/9/21

Job Fair online through this weekend! 

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