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Recycle Your Lights!

I feel like the Christmas season went very fast this year. As quickly as I put trees up and decorated, I wasn't as quick to put everything away. But now it's time, and it's also time to do something with the lights that no longer work. I discovered quite a few strands as I was starting to decorate, I set those aside at the time, but now I have to do something with them. I tried changing out fuses, but that never works for me, so I saved the bulbs that I know work and am taking what's left to be recycled. I found out that Summit e-Waste Recycling Solutions takes them and they have bins located all over Summit County and that makes it super easy and convenient. Click here to find a bin near you!

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If you're participating in Akron's curbside Recycling Program, well I hope you are doing it right!  Starting this week, if  you see someone nosing around in your Recycling Bin at the curb, you have nothing to worry about... as long as there are no "contaminants" in yours.  Things like yard waste, food, plastic bags and several other things that are a big no-no in the recycle bin can get you a warning for your first and second offences, and a third violation will result in your bin being taken away.  Officials from 'Keep Akron Beautiful' say it isn't a punishment and won't affect most residents, but repeat offenders and those intentionally using the bins for things like construction waste are the reason for this new system.  For more on the new program, CLICK HERE for more from News 5 Cleveland. 


Courtesy WEWS-TV News 5 Cleveland

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