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This is Fish Fry Season, and Windy and I are continuing our tour this month, and this week we are headed to the Medina Eagles Fish Fry.

It always feels so good to do good, and supporting your local civic group in thier fundraising effort is a good and fun thing to do.  So, think about it this weekend as you a planning your fun.  Last week we went to the Streetsboro Eagles for fish, and we had a blast.  We saw lots of great people and met a bunch of new friends.

Plus the fish was great!  See you in Medina Tomorrow!

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Wednesday, 04 March 2020 21:31

Dixie Chicks Release New Music!

The Dixie Chicks have ended their hiatus with a new song called "Gaslighter". This is also the title track to their upcoming album due out on May 1st!


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Tuesday, 03 March 2020 21:15

New Music From Jon Pardi!

Jon Pardi shares his next single from his upcoming album, a titled "Ain't Always The Cowboy". The ballad is a song about leaving, but it's the cowboy who ends up with the broken heart.

 Heartache Medication is due out on September 27th.

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Wednesday, 04 March 2020 01:58

QUESTION - What Is It About A Waterfall ?

One of the many things the Beautiful Windy and I like to do together when we travel is find a waterfall.  It's a simple thing really. A bunch of water falling over a cliff, mountain, glacier, or whatever happened there.  But it's a fun thing to do.

What is it about these things?  When we visit one I can't help but think, how this happened, how long it's been flowing and the fact that it never stops does amaze me. Where does all the water come from, and how does it not run out - EVER? Not many things on earth are as constant as a waterfall.  Maybe nothing is.  You would be hard pressed to find someone that isn't memorized by a nice waterfall, well maybe the kids.  But people travel from all over the world to see a good one.

When you visit Niagara Falls, you kind of feel guilty when you leave the falls view to go do something else. Then you remember that it'll more than likely be flowing tomorrow when you get up and you feel a bit better.  So you can go to the Daredevil Museum, Wax Museum, IHOP, or take the kids to a video place, with that off your mind.

Niagara And Horseshoe Falls - Close and worth a visit!

niagara falls

My favorite though is the Snake River Falls we saw in Idaho this past summer.  We got up and drove there at about 430AM because of severe jet-lag, and an urge to see elk and moose, and I'm glad we did. We had the entire place to ourselves and the peace was incredible. We took it all in, and started the day off right.  And this place was secluded, so it was really cool.  (There was no wax or daredevil museum there)

Snake River Falls, Not close but really worth it if you're out that way!

snake river falls

And for us around here, there are places in the MetroParks, namely the Rocky River Reservation, where the falls flow, and when they freeze, they are even cooler!

So, waterfalls?  Yay or Nay?  I say YAY!

And, we saw a moose too!


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430 AM Falls - Fantastic!

snake 2

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Previews For This Week

The Way Back

Ben Affleck is back and this time it's a different kind of role.  This looks a whole lot like Hoosiers from years ago with Gene Hackman.  But so what?  That was a great flick and hopefully this is too. Affleck plays a down and out drunk, who gets a second chance at a life in basketball by coaching an underdog high school program.


Just because a story has been told once, doesn't mean it can't be told again in a new form.  Hoosiers was 30 years ago, and many people have been born since.  Some of them will never watch Hoosiers, but they may watch this.  Hoping for good things here.



More animation.  I'm sure this will find an audience and be a big hit without much help from anyone.


This is destined to find about a billion dollars laying around somewhere.  Enjoy.



This goes wide release this week. Lots of TV ads for this one, and has been in limited release for a couple weeks.


Acquired taste, looks like fun.


REVIEW - This Week

The Invisible Man

Again, a new and more CGI telling of a movie and premise that has been done many times before, and that's OK.  What's not OK here is the length and the sheer drag-ability of this movie.  This is over two hours, and the only thing that should have been invisible was about 20 minutes of feet dragging.  This is not a bad flick, but it is lacking in pace, and is not the slightest bit versatile.  It's the same scene over and over.


There is a semi-nice payoff near the end, but you may be way ahead of this.  It's not as smart as it thinks it is. AND this is set up for more, as I can see this going in a completely different direction.  This may be the foreshadow of a possible franchise

 Rental, maybe a pay-per-view later, or bad weather matinee.

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Monday, 02 March 2020 21:11

New Music From Sam Hunt!

Sam Hunt just scored another #1 single with "Kinfolks" and now he's releasing his next single from his upcoming album Southside. Sam teased the song on social media before officially releasing it, and it samples Webb Pierce's multi-week #1 hit from 1953 "There Stands The Glass". 

Sam Hunt's much anticipated sophomore album Southside will be available on April 3rd, and he'll make a stop at Blossom Music Center on Thursday, August 20th bringing along with Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and ERNEST

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Monday, 02 March 2020 18:53

It's the “4-of-a-Kind @ 4”

Tune in all this week for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Maren Morris with Ryan Hurd and Caitlyn Smith on Thursday, July 30th at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica in Cleveland!

Every weekday at 4pm, I play four songs in a row that all have something in common. After all four songs, if you know what the songs have in common, be the correct caller at 330-370-2000 and you could win some great prizes!

Missed a "4 of a Kind" recently? Get answers here!

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Monday, 02 March 2020 14:37

Prom Dressapalooza!

Every girl should feel like a princess at Prom!  Altrusa believes this, and is holding Princess Night Project once again helping young girls find the right dress and accessories for that special night.  I remember picking out my dress, although back in 1980 we really didn't go all out.  Well, these girls have

over 1000 dresses to choose from!  The event is Saturday, March 14th, at Family of United Methodist Church 800 E. Market St Akron from 10am-2.

All they need to do is tell which high school they attend.  Altrusa is also accepting donations of new or gently used prom gowns, jewelry, purses, and wraps during the event!


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Makes me very happy and proud to be the new voice of Nature Stone on WQMX.   Talk about a product that solves big problems.  I love sharing that kind of information with you, by endorsing services that can solve some of your biggest problems. 

After a couple of times of removing a soaked carpet from my friend Don's house a few years ago, it changed the way I looked at some things.  What a mess.  A very nice house, built well, none of it his fauilt, but nature can happen.  After going through that a couple times, you more than likely will look for a different way to go.  Nature Stone.

It looks great and solves that issue.  It is the only thing that stands up to dampness, even flooding, and that's great.  But as a homeowner for many years, I have learned that few things are more valuable than peace of mind.  Knowing you have had a situation, and now you have it  fixed, not just now, but forever.  In the basement that's Nature Stone.  There are not a lot of fixes in your home that are forever, but this is one!

That's how I have attacked all issues over the years at my home.  Problem? Fix it, and fix it for good. Laying down at night and knowing you've done the best thing you can, and that problem is now behind you.  This of course is not possible in all repairs, but this is one.  And Nature Stone can solve your garage flooring too. And of course, it looks GREAT!

I know you may know that spring is on the way, with melting snow, rain, and saturated ground, you may be worried about flooding, even leaking. You may go through this every year.  Let's sleep better, and think about solving the problem, maybe even before the trouble starts.

Call Nature Stone - or go to naturestone.com     They would love it, and so would I!

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Friday, 28 February 2020 21:08

New Music From Niko Moon!

Rising star Niko Moon has released his single "Good Time" which is exactly what the song is... good times around the campfire, moonlit evenings, good friends and guitars! You'll hear this one when he takes the stage at The Country Fest on Saturday, June 20th!

Though he is now singing his own songs, earlier in his career he penned hits for Zac Brown Band including “Homegrown,” “Loving You Easy,” and “Keep Me In Mind”. He also wrote Rascal Flatts' hit "Back To Life".

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