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Daily Scoop, 5/1/19

Today is Wednesday, May 1st- It IS - May Day, National Golf Day, Batman Day, New Homeowner’s Day, School Principal's Day, Parfait Day

The Cleveland Zoo welcomed a boy giraffe calf yesterday. He was 6 feet tall and weighed 101 pounds at birth! 

About 70% of parents are going into debt to support their kids extracurriculars.

You can now buy Crocs that come with a mini fanny pack on the heel of each foot.

New trend- miniature beer donkeys serving drinks at weddings!

They say, eating ice cream for breakfast could make you smarter.

New Zealand accents have been voted the sexiest in the world!

New survey confirms, guys, if you want a far better love life, play “hard to get” to a degree.....makes women far more comfortable

Wine has been found to kill germs that cause sore throats and dental plaque.

Americans are among the most stressed people in the world!

We are going to spend a record amount on mom this year for Mother’s Day. About 25 billion!

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 21:39

It's the age old question: Coke or Pepsi?

My "Texter's Choice" for Tuesday, April 30th was a question that been asked over and over again. So I figured, why not ask it again?

The question was simply, "Coke or Pepsi?"

And the results are in...and it was close!

53% chose Coke while 47% opted for Pepsi.

Which would you choose?

Check out my daily "Texter's Choice" question every afternoon on WQMX at around 3:53pm...and hear the results when I announce them at 4:23pm!

And make sure YOU vote everyday with our Studio Text Line (Powered by Discount Outlet) at 330-370-2000.

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Akron Marathon is looking for more than 2,000 volunteers for it's 2019 event that begin in June and end with the Marathon in September.

It's a great way to give back to community.  My son received service hours in high school by volunteering as well.

Contact Katie Riley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 330-434 2786

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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 01:04

THIS WEEK - Adopt A Shelter Dog Day!

Yesterday it was Adopt A Shelter Dog Day, and the fact that day even exists makes me happy.  I am a big believer in shelter dogs, as I feel they have a special purpose.  They, more times than not, had a rough start.  Being abused, dumped, forgotten, or just given up on in some way.  So, they silently wait behind bars for a hero to show up who will introduce them to new, and better sunrise.   Dogs love people. At least they want to.

When you adopt a shelter dog, you are giving them a second chance at happiness.  And because of the sense you get from them, you may feel the same way.  Many times an adopted dog comes to you as a result of a loss of another dog, or a need you have to care for something, the company, or simply the love you have for dogs.   You see, you and your shelter dog have more in common than you think.

 juneau 2

Juneau After Adoption!

I adopted Juneau The Husky 8 years ago when she was just one. She had been dumped, and was on the run for about a month before she would finally succumb to the elements and hunger.  After she was collected up and taken to a shelter, I adopted her.  I was interested in a Great Dane that was there for a long time, but he was adopted a day or so before. So skinny and scared (Atika)   -  or Juneau as I would rename her, went home with me.  She deserved everything new, as it was a new day for her!

We have filled the voids in each other, as I feel she chose me.  Isn't that the charge of a shelter dog?  I think so. PLEASE consider adoption they next time you are looking for a dog.  It's about as nice of a thing as you can do.  Telling someone you don't even know, that you will be thier best friend for the rest of thier life!

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 07:44

JNett at the Derby!

Saturday. 5pm. Set the DVR to NBC because my girl Jennifer Nettles is sing the national anthem at the Kentucky Derby.

Any excuse to see one of my Sugars in action, I will take it. I imagine she will be sporting some fun head gear, I mean some fantastic, fancy, amazing derby hat. It will be wonderful, and I hope to get a copy of her rendition to add to our collection to play at 6:55 every morning.

The national anthem gives me all the feels. Jennifer Nettles voice, in my opinion, can move mountains. I am getting chills and all emotional thinking about it. I am so wearing a fancy hat for the occasion!

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 06:37

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 4/30/19

Chris Stapleton was in GoT…
Jake Owen welcomes a daughter…
Jennifer Nettles to sing the anthem at the Kentucky Derby…

If you blinked, you missed Chris Stapleton in Sunday night’s episode Game of Thrones. He appeared for a brief second as a White Walker. Chris is a big fan of the show and you can go to his wife Morganne’s Instagram page to see is brief cameo.

Jake Owen and his girlfriend Erica welcomed their daughter Paris Hartley yesterday. He is now the father of two girls as Paris joins Pearl- his daughter from his first marriage.

Jennifer Nettles has been tapped to sing the national anthem before the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday. 
Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Jo Dee Messina and LeAnn Rimes have all sung the anthem at the Derby in the past.
The anthem will be televised at 5:00 p.m. before the race on NBC.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 06:22

Quote of the Day, 4/30/19


A lot of beautiful things can happen if you only believe in it. 

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Daily Scoop, 4/30/19

Today is Tuesday, April 30th, It IS - Honesty Day, Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, Bugs Bunny Day, Raisin Day, Oatmeal Cookie Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Game of Thrones became the most Tweeted about TV show of all time after this week’s episode.

Many Game of Thrones fans are complaining that Sunday night’s episode was too dark to see. 

Burger King announced that its vegan burger, the Impossible Whopper, has been a HUGE success.

New thing to do this summer- grill carrot “hot dogs.” I don’t carrot all if I ever try this!

They say toddlers who throw huge tantrums could grow up to be wealthy adults!

If you are constantly hard on yourself, it is bad for your physical health!

Want a better social life? Get a dog...

The most stressed out city in Ohio, it Lakewood...

Wyoming writes the most speeding tickets than any other state.

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Monday, 29 April 2019 21:19

New Music From Seaforth!

Tonight during Trending Tracks, our New Song Spotlight was a new release from a new country duo from Australia! "Love That" is the title track to the debut EP (which is out now) from Seaforth! Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, who make up the duo co-wrote the song as well as the other songs on the EP. What do you think about their debut single? 

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