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Maddie & Tae Stop By Pickler & Ben!

Maddie & Tae were guests on Pickler & Ben today, they didn't sing their new single "Die From A Broken Heart", but they did talk about a whole lot of things! Like their first (inspiring) encounter with Kellie Pickler, going on tour with Carrie Underwood, and Maddie's upccoming wedding! 

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From the Bath Arts Fest to the Blue Tip Festival in Wadsworth, summer fun is set.

The Akron Arts Expo, one of the biggest, extended it's Tast of Akron to two nights before the event.

Check out the summer schedule in the Akron Beacon Journal's Pulse magazine at!

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Thursday, 23 May 2019 01:25

Let's Grill! - Tasty Testers!

It's Memorial Day Weekend this week!  This is a HUGE month for BBQ, as May is National BBQ Month.  I have rediscovered grilling and BBQing this Spring, and I am glad of it.  I kinda took a year off - life is better now. 

Seems I am on the grill a few times a week as Windy and I both enjoy it.  But I do have a few grill rituals that I follow. My favorite is, no matter what you are grilling, there must be sausage on it first!  No matter what else goes on, sausage, keilbasa, brats or some delicious pork product goes on first. I learned this incredible techniqe from my friends, Tim, Ray and Beef, as this is the practice on our Florida golf trips. We eat sausage before we - eat!  The Beautiful Windy was puzzled about it at first, but now she is on board.

Sausage - Even before ribs! 

sw ribs

We call them "testers." You "test" the grill to make sure all is well, and of course you snack on them as the main course goes on. Plus the dog gets some too. Should be noted, Beef informed me that he and his dog Jack, ate an entire pack of brats last week by themselves! Perfect!   

Its kind of a pre-meal snack, and it's outstanding. I mean you can't just eat a huge steak without having an brat or two first!

Happy Gilling -  Give it a try, it's a good habit to get into!

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Work Out Anywhere!

I try to make it to the gym 5 days a week. When the weather warms up, I get outside for my run/walks. I love being outside. Now, there are some days when my schedule just does not allow me to do either. Guilt is a powerful thing- ha! I started looking for workouts I could do at home with free weights or just by myself.

I found this one on Kelsea Ballerini’s IG story! I love to hate it! It gives me a head to toe workout in about 20-25 minutes and I do not get bored. I call it my deck of cards workout, and you can do it anywhere. If you want to add free weights to it you can.

Here’s how it works- you get a deck of cards, shuffle and start flipping them over one by one. You follow the suits and numbers and do the following exercises for each:

Hearts- jumping jacks
Clubs- squats
Diamonds- lunges
Spades- push-ups

By the time you are done you have almost done 100 of each- and you are sweaty!

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Website of the Day, 5/16/19



Get all the details and you can register starting tomorrow!

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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 5/16/19

Some CMT Award performers announced…
Miranda Lambert is getting into lullabies…

Carrie Underwood, Dan and Shay, Kane Brown, Kelsea Ballerini, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris and Thomas Rhett are the first round of performers announced for the CMT Music Awards. 
The show, hosted by Little Big Town, will air live from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on June 5th.

Miranda Lambert's biggest hits are being turned into lullabies for an album that comes out next month. 
Rockabye Baby! is a company that turns contemporary songs into soothing, sleep-inducing songs, will release Lullaby Renditions of Miranda Lambert on June 28th. Some of the songs to be included are Vice, Kerosene and Gunpowder and Lead. A team of music psychologists works on the recordings, so mom and dads don’t have to worry!

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Thursday, 16 May 2019 06:35

Quote of the Day, 5/16/19


If see someone without a smile give them one of yours. 

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Daily Scoop, 5/16/19

Today is Thursday, May 16th- It IS - National BBQ Day, Mimosa Day, Piercing Day

Word is Britney Spears may never perform again

Taylor Swift shaves her legs every day...

This past Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones scored the highest ratings in series history. Almost 12.5 million viewers tuned in! 

Some Game of Thrones fans are petitioning HBO to remake season 8 (100,000 signatures calling for the entire Season 8 to be remade and rewritten with “competent” writers)

After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory says goodbye tonight with an hour long episode.

Half of Americans use swimming pools as a communal bathtub and toilet...

New survey says, Americans would choose Australia as our dream vacation destination. 

A third of Americans say that destination weddings are selfish...and 25% say they would NOT spend vacation days of the money to go to one.

Ride share vehicles are 35,000 times more germy than toilet seats, and so are movie theaters.

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Its always great to see kids interacting with Officers of the Law in a fun and educational setting.  The good folks at FOX 8 Cleveland did this great piece about dozens of Police Officers, Deputies and Troopers from the Akron Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and departments as far away as Columbus, all with very diverse stories of how they got to where they are now, congregated at Helen Arnold Community Learning Center to hang out with a group fo their Fifth Grade Students and to promote positive life choices.  THANK YOU to all of our Law Enforcement Professionals and First Responders for all the selfless things they do every day!

Click Here for the Full Story

If you know a First Responder or a local Police or Fire Department that deserves a little recognition, Nominate them HERE for First Responder Fridays from WQMX and Jimmy Johns!!

(Courtesy of WJW-TV/FOX 8 Cleveland)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 20:49

New Music From Haley & Michaels!

Country duo Haley & Michaels have released their next single "Hail Mary" which was featured in the Netflix film Walk. Ride. Rodeo. They wrote the song about overcoming adversity and some of their most challenging times along their musical journey together. The song was fitting for the film which tells the true story of Amberley Snyder, a rodeo champion who was involved in an automobile accident, and overcame adversity and challenges to ride again. 

What do you think of this new song? 

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