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MOVIE REVIEWS - Now In Theaters

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There are some new movies out this week, so let's take a look.

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Miss Bala 

Here comes Gina Rodriguez in her new action drug cartel movie, Miss Bala.  This is loaded with action and is poised to make a lot of noise on the big screen this weekend.  Probably more there than the box office take, where about 8 million is expected.  This is remake of a 2011 Mexican movie, where our hero  (Rodriguez) is forced into a double life by the cartel, and others.

February is the purgatory of movies for the most part, and there is little reason to think that even all the gunplay, action and noise will be able to knock off Glass at the box office this weekend



M. Night Shyamalan  has a new movie out that brings his three most recent characters together for his ensemble piece.  This stars Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and James MacAvoy.  A couple of things are true after seeing this.  There may not be enough "glamour" for many on this, and that James MacAvoy is one terrific actor.

As good as he was in Split, he is way better here reprising his role again, as the multi-personality character, "Kevin".  He is fantastic, and should recognized for this command performance.   But there are some issues here.  Both Willis and Jackson are underutilized here, and that's too bad.  Jackson doesn't really become a force in this movie untill about the halfway point.  Willis, just sort of sinks into the background.

For me, and for many others I feel, there may not be enough there, there here.  It has an interesting idea, but I'm not so sure there are enough bells and whistles for many to really sink their teeth into.   Adaquate at best.


A Dogs Way Home

My goodness.  National critics laying out a movie about dogs.  LOL.   Is this going to win Best Picture this year?  Or any year?  No, but thosethat go to see this movie are going to love it. This is the improbable story of a dog lost and found.  It's about that simple.

In this era of about a zillion animated movies per month, and superheroes - same, this is OK.  It is what is it.   A family movie that deals with dogs and the people that love them.  Sometimes movies are made just to be wha they are.  And that's the deal here.

I'm sure you won't, but don't pay any attention to the critics.  Go see this, have a laugh, a cry and think about your own dog, or one you used to have. Nothing wrong here.


The Upside

The National Critics are being unkind to this, and I am scratching my head why.  Are there flaws here?  Yes, some.  But I have to ask this.  What do you want from a comedy?  I mean what do you want?

This is not a rip roaring hilarious comedy, but this is an entertaining, and sometimes funny movie, based on a true story of a very rich man confined to a wheelchair, and the unlikely guy he takes a huge chance on to be his caregiver.  Kevin Hart, Brian Cranston, Nicole Kidman and others star here and all give strong performances.  This has a heart, a soul, and is a pretty darn good story.  This does not mire itself down in raunchy skits and language, and keeps its head above the fray. It  develops characters well, and you feel like you're in the movie with them.

Yes, this is a bit too long, and there are a few moments that may have been rethought or redone. But over all this is quite good, and audiences are going to really like this movie despite that the national media will not.   This could have been a lot of things.  But it dares to be a real movie and not a sell out to easy locker room laughs.   Pay no attention to the critics, go see this.      

Escape Room

This is the first in what will be an ongoing franchise, that will remind many people of the Saw series.  It is not as violent, or bloody, but the premise is essentially the same.  Some person, or entity trying to off a bunch of heavily researched and chosen young people and this time the rage of the trendy Escape Room game is used.

This movie does a few things well.  It's short, and has a script that is not leaning on blood and guts to make it's point. There are some intense moments, and this is shot pretty well, in fact better than most movies of this type and budget.

But it loses points with me for lack of originality, and a formula that has been done to death.  This will find a loyal audience, and more will be made and this will do well streaming and DVD.


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