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Monday, 15 October 2018 06:15

Daily Scoop, Week of 10/15/18

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Today is Friday, October 19th- It IS - Evaluate Your Life Day, tomorrow is Sweetest Day

The Mega Millions is now up to $970 million! A study on lottery winning says, $30 million is the perfect amount to win.

Pajamas - the average nightly wear between washing is 17!!!!

Burger King is selling the Nightmare King for Halloween. You get 1/4 pound burger, a crispy chicken filet, cheese, bacon mayo all on a glazed green sesame seed bun...


Mom, if you have 3 kids, you are more stressed than any other number you could have!

You will honk your horn about 15,000 in your driving life!

70% of young adults would take a pay cut if they could bring their pet to work every day.

A new study confirms that your dog understands what you are saying.


Today is Thursday, October 18th, It IS - National No Beard Day, Get Smart About Credit Day, Chocolate Cupcake Day

El Nino conditions will also mean a warmer, drier winter for us.

Netflix announced that Orange is the New Black will end next year after season 7.

Ratings for The Connors down over 50% over last seasons debut of Roseanne.

Big Bird is retiring! Caroll Spinney is leaving Sesame Street. 

30% of young adults would rather lose their pinky toe than their phone.

Apple added cream cheese to the bagel emoji.

Pillsbury released new Buddy the Elf themed sugar cookies!

A study says swearing at work can fight off stress.

Companies are now offering paid days off for their employees to volunteer their community.


Today is Wednesday, October 17th, It IS - Mulligan Day, Pay Back A Friend Day, National Pasta Day

The Cavs season starts today and goes for the next 242 days…

Ohio has the 2nd most haunted houses per state- 127. Second to California with 136.

Lady Gaga confirms she is in fact engaged to Christian Carino. 

Arby’s is going to sell a limited time only duck sandwich.   

They are back- Buffalo Wild Wings - Pumpkin spice wings.

When you have a close friend who gets divorced, it can increase your chances of splitting up by 75%.

You can now send Christmas cards that have small bottles of booze.

The average salary in the USA is about $47,000.


Today is Tuesday, October 16th- It IS - National Boss's Day, Pharmacy Technician Day, National Liquor Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Three Olives has rolled out an egg nog flavored vodka.

There could be a world wide beer shortage because of changes in the climate!

Psychologists warn that if you listen to Christmas music too early, it's bad for your health. 

It has been found that making more love, helps prevent heart attacks!

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Cereal is back for Christmas!

The Connors premieres tonight at 8 on ABC.

It's supposed to be good to be friends with those who swear a lot.

A new study finds, mean people are better with money.


Today is Monday, October 15th, It IS - Grouch Day, Handwashing Day, Mushroom Day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just announced they are expecting their first child together!

If you're a red-head, you age better than non red heads.

The place to be when we’re all dealing with the zombie apocalypse - the state of California. 

Target is once again selling matching holiday pajamas for the entire family, but this year they are even including the dog!

Target is also selling Golden Girls cereal!

Hershey's new chocolate bar is stuffed with Reese's Pieces!

10% of us get rid of clothes we’ve worn three times on social media.

Men photoshop their online pics more than women.

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