Tuesday, 24 September 2019 05:59

Rascal Flatt, Always a Good Show!

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This past Friday was the last show at Blossom for the 2019 season. It was Rascal Flatts with Jordan Davis and Jimmie Allen. Of course, I had a great time. There is something about Rascal Flatts. Yes, they play all their hits, but here is something else to it. I figured it out. The guys kept mentioning that they were so grateful that they have been able to do what they love as band for…
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 01:22

What A View!

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Over the weekend, Windy and I went downtown Cleveland to be a part of the huge Sunday that both the Indians and the Browns got National TV games.  Beforehand we stopped at the rooftop outdoor lounge at The Nine for a drink.  What a view, what a fun time. It's always fun finding new gems that a city has to offer, and take full advantage of. GREAT time! Check this out sometime. Really a fun…
Friday, 20 September 2019 01:05

MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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Big weekend at the movies expected, and the two major releases could not be more different!   Rambo:Last Blood Here comes Sly Stallone as Rambo, yet again!  I am certainly not anti-Rambo by any means. But this series has been told over about 4 decades now, and even with this title, how come many, including me, think that Last Blood is anything but - Last.  It's simple, it's all in our hands. If we throw…
Thursday, 19 September 2019 01:28

Local Love - !

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Windy and I attended the Taste Of The Hall Of Fame this week with many others from WQMX.  It was for the benefit of the Akron-Canton Foodbank.   The Rail (local business) won the food competition, serving amazing burgers.  4 local locations. And really great people!   And we met the great people from Troutman Vineyard And Winery.  Great people from Wayne County.   We love these kind of local businesses.  Make plans to attend…
Wednesday, 18 September 2019 01:40

You're The Best!

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You know, sometimes you should just post a pic with some of our best listeners! It's always to great to hang with the great WQMX fans at the big concerts when they are wearing the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-Shirts! Thanks for listening, thanks coming to the show, and telling everyone you listen to WQMX!! The Luke Bryan Bunch! And This Was A Great Moment!  Going To Meet Cole Swindell!!!
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 04:37

Fan Of The Game

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I am a Browns fan, and I am a fan of the game, whether it be football, baseball, hockey, whatever.  To me the "game itself" is king, but I do have my absolute favorite teams. And right now, I am hoping for great things for the Browns and Indians. I don't feel great about the Big Ben news today, him being out for the year, and I am certaiunly not a Steelers fan. I would…
Thursday, 12 September 2019 04:49

Toy Joy

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Today the Toy Hall of Fame announced some of their nominees for this year.  Matchbox Cars (What took so long there?)  And The Smart Phone lead the list.  (Yes, they consider it a toy.) But yesterday, Juneau reminded Windy and me, just how simple a toy can be, as she played with a stuffed lama and giraffe for...well...hours!  All by herself... Dogs, not so different than us as kids.  Don't we always like the box…
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 01:39

A Happy Picture

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This picture made me happy.  In the 1990's, Colin Raye, Sammy Kershaw, and Aaron Tippin were consistent hit makers in Country Music.  I played every one of their songs on various radio station morning shows across the country.  They all had a great run. Well, this biz changes as all do, and there was the inevitable changing of the guard in music, and slowly they all came off the charts.  But as they all sang…
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 01:28

There's Something About The Wayne County Fair!

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There is just something about the Wayne County Fair going on this week, that is simply special.  It's not the biggest county fair (Canfield) , or the fanciest, but there is a great feeling about the fair that is incredible. The people that run the fair are so nice, and the patrons that pack the grandstand for various shows, concerts, races, and pulls are having the time of their lives.  The county comes together and…
Monday, 09 September 2019 05:00

What Was That?

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Seriously,   What was that?  
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