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Monday, 03 May 2021 01:30

WYNN - SONG OF THE WEEK - You Ain't Pretty

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Newcomer Nate Barnes did a Rising Star Showcase for us last week here at WQMX, and man did it feel good to hear live music again. Nate is an interesting guy and story.  He is from Michigan, and once worked at a nuclear power plant. And somehow in the course of about two weeks his life went from normal  -  to this!

Sarah and I With Nate Barnes


You Ain't Pretty is a fantastic new song and a great way to get to know Nate Barnes.  It's a powerful song, a timely song and one that's easy to remember.  I have always felt that to really get noticed, you need "that song."  And this is one of those. (Most big stars have had them)  Plus, this video does an incredible job of introducing you to Nate Barnes who has all the amazing attributes lined up for stardom.  This is a song that could really make a move and be a very big hit.  It's traditional - but with strong backbone, a thump and a poignant message.  That is where we are going.

Nate - Our First Rising Star Showcase In A Year!

nb coiver

He's talented, personable, relatable, and accessible.  To me, that is the perfect formula that poises you for a good long run.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and chatting with Nate, and I feel he has the right idea at the right time.  You can go a long way if you have great songs, and get to know your fans.  Nate Barnes is right on time, after this very difficult time. A new and exciting new star to root for, with gratitude in his heart.

GREAT New Song!


Grab a coffee, and check out this amazing new song, by Nate Barnes!

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