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WYNN - Treat Season!

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With warmer weather here, or at least teasing us a bit from time to time, it's Treat Season!  I think that going to your neighborhood ice cream place for an evening cone, (or cup as I am anti-cone), is a simple pleasure that you never outgrow and will always be a part of who we are. 

The other day, The Beautiful Windy and I went out and had a happy hour on the outdoor patio at River Merchant  (Great Place) in Kent. It was a fantastic day, and as we left she said, "Let's go to Strickland's, my treat."  Okay!  There was no decision to be made and I was thrilled at the idea.  We had an ice cream treat and it capped off a good day.


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This season, make sure you support your local ice cream place as many of them are just small businesses trying to make a living and be a part of the community.  Maybe make a few extra trips there this year.  We live in Streetsboro, and Strickland's is our most local shop.  But we don't live too far from Handel's, so we'll head there a few times this summer too.

If we all do that, not only will we be full and happy, but support local biz too.

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