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Tom And Jerry  the movie -  did very well last weekend, becoming the second largest opening since the slowdown, behind only WW84.   It's in theaters and on HBO Max.

These two have been at it since 1940, and were the first big success for young animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for MGM. They made about 160 of really funny shorts that have made generations laugh. They were the catapult that launched Hanna-Barbera to go on and make some of the most popular cartoons for generations and built an incredible animation empire.  But with that said, here Tom And Jerry are pretty funny guys, it's too bad the rest of this movie really is not.

I am not sure who this movie is made for.  Do very young people even know who Tom And Jerry are?  This a combination of live action and animation and that aspect is very good and looks great.  The older school animation looks teriffic, and it's married together very well with the actors.  After all these years Tom and Jerry still look the same, they haven't been reinvented, and that's good.  And they together are still funny.  Are they enemies, or friends? Sometimes both.

But the writing is not good, and the actors have little to work with. This is also too long, and I feel the plot is rudderless and I'm not sure who is supposed to relate to the story.  Should be noted, the actors are fine, the writing is not.  The best parts of this movie are Tom And Jerry's combativeness, and also there are moments you do feel very sad for Tom, as he always seems to screw things up in a big way and not really meaning to.


But this is the Tom And Jerry you remember.  This has NOT been quieted down for the new century.  Tom is still trying to play the piano, and Tom And Jerry are still going at each other with large mallets, electrocuting each other, slamming doors on each other, with extreme animated and unpunished violence.  Not here, but in their history they have smoked, and drank on screen, and there are some countries that have banned them for all of this.  But if you took all of it out, there would be no reason to make this movie, that's who they were, and that's who they still are.  

But being fair, maybe we just need some mindless stuff to laugh at these days, so I can cut this a break or two.  If you have HBO Max, it is available to you at no extra charge.  BTW Tom And Jerry HAVE WON 7 OSCARS!  All between 1940 and 1967.  And they have also been nominated 13 times.  No human actor has more than 4 wins, and only 1 human actor has more nominations.  (List)

Here Is ONE Of Their Oscar Wins!


Tom And Jerry -  Yes as an entire movie there are problems, but it's still Tom And Jerry.   

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