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"Home Is A Feeling......."

Sometimes is takes a while to figure this out.  I remember when I moved into my first apartment many years ago at age 22.  It wasn't at all very nice, but it was mine - for the time being.  I was proud of it, but I knew it was temporary.  As I moved around the country for a number of years in radio, I rented apartments, condos, and houses. Some were very nice, some not as much.  They were all where I lived, but none of them was -  home.

In 1994 I bought my first house in Lakeland, Florida all by myself.  I loved that place and for the first time in my life, I felt like it was a "home."  Home is a feeling there is no doubt.  A house is one thing, but the sense that you are in the exact place you are supposed to be is a great feeling.  When I sold my Lakeland home in 2001, I was sad.  It was my home, and now it was someone else's.  When I sold my house here about a year ago, I was not sad at all. Not even a little bit.  True, I liked that house, as it was very nice, vintage, and very historic.  But I never felt in 19 years that it was my  -  home. It was simply my house. 

Home - Joe Diffie  -  Feels Good To Hear Him Sing This Classic


I have that "home" feeling again finally after all these years now with Windy in our home here.  We like being there, we take good care of it, and we both agree that you can live lots of places, but you are only home in one place.  And that's a great feeling.

Blake Shelton -  He Said Once That "Home" Saved His Career


Knowing you are in the right place  -  at the right time  - with the right people.  Home....

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