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WYNN - SONG OF THE WEEK - Settling Down

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I know, this really slick Miranda Lambert song has been out for a short while now, but this song is worth another look and listen.  Settling Down is my favorite Miranda song in a while.

To me, this is what she really does well.  I really like her medium  - to up tempo songs that make you feel something.  And that's always her calling card, Miranda makes you feel, whether is be Gunpowder And Lead, or The House That Built Me, she has the ability to take you to extremes equally well, and that's rare.   She generally makes emotive song choices that we all can bite into and relate to one way or another. 

This song has a real nice feel, and a really sharp video to go along with it.  Miranda has done it all over the past few years especially, and has shown incredible versatility. But in the end songs like Heart Like Mine, and this, is what I feel she really does best.

Grab a coffee, take a break, and take a listen!  Love this song!

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