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WYNN - Forgetting The Unforgettable

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I have been sharing stories of my mom from time to time. She is 93 now, and in good physical condition, but her memory is really not good and getting worse all the time. She has great, qualified 24 hour care at her house now and we are thank thankful for that.  I know many of you have gone through the same situation we are, that's the reason I share this.

Windy and I visited her a few days ago, and had a nice time with her. My mom among other things was a college professor, an actress, and a darn good artist.  She designed and built a huge room addition to her home years ago that was an art studio, (She did it at 75). She then designed another room addition that is now a suite in her home she when she was 78!  She has done hundreds of paintings there, and painted furniture too.  She has had her work on display at many area restaurants and coffee houses.  She has sold a bunch, and has sold a lot of the painted furniture as well.  She is remarkably talented, well she's been doing it for about 75 years.

We asked her if she could do a small painting project for us, make a small sign we had in mind for our home. She said she would and we were thrilled.  But we found out later, that she just can't do it anymore, and that is a tough one to swallow.  Her brain just can't do this incredible thing she was gifted with.  She has not admitted it, but we know. There is a project that she was doing in her studio that has been stopped of restoring the old wooden front door from 1947 from her 168 year old home.  And the small sign, the attempts, well, not good. 

This Table Is In Our House - But she has far larger and more elaborate pieces than this!


I'm not so sure it bothers her, in fact I'm not so sure she remembers the great work she has done for decades.  But we all do. All of us in our family and countless other friends and family have her work in our houses.  Her work is in the Berea Historical Society, Baldwin Wallace University buildings, and the Lakewood Board of Education, where she attended school in the 1930's and 1940's. And even though it may seemingly not bother her, it's not easy to watch.  Such talent.

She Was 91 When This Was Taken  - She was still doing amazing artwork still


We all know how this will play out as we are all big boys and girls here.  But it seemed no matter how old she was, or whatever was going on with her, she always had her art. We never thought she could forget the unforgettable. I'm just thankful we all have some in our homes to enjoy for generations to come.

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