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WYNN - Rent A Tour Bus? Yes!

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Seriously, how much fun would it be to do this?

Many celebs are renting out their official tour bus to those who would like to travel in style this summer. Since most of them are not touring right now, this is a great idea.  Yeah I know you can rent a really nice RV from lots of places, and there is not one thing wrong with that.  But to ride in the extreme style of the stars?  Well, that would be incredible. The story alone would be worth it.  Hey, and you're looking for something special to do? Well, your bus has pulled in! Don't miss it!

To say you used Beyonce's Bus, drove Dolly's Silver Eagle, or another huge star wins about any party "one up" contest you could ever enter. You know, the one you sort of lose to that one guy or gal at every party that always pontificates at a high volume, "Well, the last time I was at blah, blah, with blah blah,blah....."  or this, "Whenever I travel to (insert any European, or Caribbean country here), I always stay at...blah blah..."  Well, you'll just shut them up, because you used Lady Gaga's bus, bed and bathroom!  Boom!  You don't have to listen to their endless bloviating anymore, because you win!

It would be a trip of a lifetime and it may take you that long to pay it off, but it would still be cool.  And there's no harm in checking it out.

Or to dream!

Here's the Link!

The pic above of The Beautiful Windy and I with the Madden Cruiser.  Would LOVE to rent that thing!

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