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WYNN - Limbo?

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Over the past few months things have been different.  And none of us, have really been through anything like this before.  But we are up to this.

There is no doubt that everyone's health is very important, and I think it goes without saying that in one way shape or form that is on everyone's mind during the day.  But this has made us different in other ways too.  There is the unknown, and that place, limbo, that is no one's favorite place. That is universal even in what could be called "normal" times.

I feel that in many ways until a few months ago, we have never been more organized in our world.  Technology has a bunch to do with that. Smart phones especially have made it so.  At the tip of your fingers it solves about every problem we have.  Whether it's gathering info, buying something, learning something, directions, temp, rain or not, it keeps us on time, and reminds us of things we chose not to remember.

But with this C-19 situation we have temporarily lost that control, and we don't care for that much.  Will there be baseball, can I plan anything, when will this happen, or that?  When does that movie come out, or when can we fly for fun? When can I visit my family, or they me?  Pretty much everything is up in the air, and we are making up our lives daily as we go along. Limbo.  That can be fun for a week on vacation, but not a way of life for many.

But this is not forever and there will be a time, and in the grand scheme of things, soon, that we will return to ourselves.  But that won't be until after we've learned a lot about ourselves.  Until then enjoy the sunshine, and the summer rain, and the people around you, you find the most dear.

We have to be patient, and we don't like that much either. Limbo always leaves.

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